Shows a side-scrolling carousel of products loaded in the category.


  • duration: Default is 500. The duration in microseconds of the transition effect (1000 = 1 second)
  • fit: Default is crop. The fit of unproportional images: width, height, crop, matte, all
  • imageheight: The maximum height of the images
  • imagewidth: The maximum width of the images.


<?php shopp('collection','carousel'); ?>

Show a Category in a Carousel

Specify a category to load and display as a carousel


See Also

  1. If used outside of the Shopp templates, wrap your carousel in a div with the id “shopp” and the class “catalog” like this:

    June 17th   #

  2. Hi, i can’t see the example to make this work. Is there a short code?


    March 10th   #

  3. if you want the carousel outside of regular shopp pages i found it was necessary to wrap in a div with the class “shopp_page” as well as “catalog”

    then it worked fine

    June 16th   #

  4. further to last comment – this code worked for me to have carousel of entire catalog

    shopp('collection','carousel', 'imageheight=240&amp;imagewidth=181&amp;fit=crop');
    June 17th   #

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