Generates a slideshow of product cover images for the products loaded in the category.


  • delay: Default is 7000. The delay in microseconds between the display of the current image and the next image of the slideshow (7000 = 7 seconds)
  • duration: Default is 1000. The duration in microseconds of the transition effect (1000 = 1 second)
  • fit: Default is crop. The fit of unproportional images: width, height, crop, matte, all
  • fx: Default is fade. The transition effect to use between images: fade, slide-down, slide-up, slide-left, slide-right, wipe
  • height: Default is 180. The maximum height of the slideshow.
  • order: Default is none. The order to display the images in: bestselling, highprice, lowprice, newest, oldest, random, chaos, title
  • width: Default is 440. The maximum width of the slideshow.

Universal Options

All Theme API calls have these options.

  • return: when set to true, 1, or on, this option forces the tag to return the value instead of displaying/echoing the value to the page. Alternatively, prefix the tag parameter with get to get the same effect. All theme api tags that return a boolean value will return by default.
  • echo: when set to false, 0, or off, this option forces the tag to display the value to the page. This is the default for all non-boolean tags.
  • is: when set to true, 1, or on, this option will evaluate the return of the theme api call as a boolean true or false value. See how values are converted to boolean.


<?php shopp('collection','slideshow'); ?>

Slideshow with options

Displays a slideshow with the “slide-down” transition effect at half-second speed. Each image is displayed for 5 seconds and is cropped to fit the default dimensions 440 × 180.

<?php shopp('collection','slideshow','fx=slide-down&duration=500&delay=5000'); ?>

Slideshow for a Specific Category

Specify a category to load and display as a slideshow.


See Also

  1. I noticed in Shopp 1.3+ the css class needs to be shopp_page and not shopp.

    <div id="shopp" class="shopp_page">
    shopp('catalog','collection', 'slug=ekologiska-klader-senast-inkomna&load=true&show=10');
    shopp('collection','slideshow', '&delay=5000&width=300&height=300');
    April 27th   #

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