Used in the ‘has-download’ loop to show an individual download.

Uses the options argument to specify the property of the download to show


  • id: The id of the download asset
  • url: The URL of the purchased download
  • purchase: The id of the order the download was purchased on
  • name: The name of the download file
  • variation: The label of the variation option chosen
  • downloads: The number of times the digital good has been downloaded
  • key: The download key used to access the digital good
  • total: The total cost of the digital good
  • filetype: The MIME-type of the digital good
  • size: The file size of the digital good (in the largest applicable unit)
  • created: The UNIX timestamp of the date the purchase for the digital good was made
  • date: The date of the purchase formatted using the format specified in the WordPress settings


<?php shopp('customer','download','options…'); ?>

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