DEPRECATED. Use is_shopp_catalog_page() instead.

is_catalog_page ()

@return bool true if the current page request a catalog page, else false.

DEPRECATED Replaced by is_shopp_catalog_page()


Deprecated, use is_shopp_catalog_page() instead.
determines if the requested page is a catalog page.

This function will return true for WordPress Shopp product taxonomy requests, WordPress Shopp product page requests, and Shopp smart product collection requests. This function will return false for all requests for other non-Shopp product taxonomies, non-Shopp post-types, and WordPress posts/pages. When a Shopp product/taxonomy/collection is loaded through the theme or development api, and not through the web page request, the load will not cause this function to return true.


if ( is_catalog_page() ) {
    // code specific to Shopp content here

See Also

  1. Is this suppose to call the category and product pages as well? It currently doesn’t anymore in 1.3

    January 21st   #

  2. This command is deprecated, you should use is_shopp_catalog_page(). This command will return a boolean (true or false), as stated at the top of this page.

    April 11th   #

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