Displays the sale price of the product using the currency format associated with the store’s base of operations (set in the [[General Settings]] screen).

If there are multiple sale prices (because of product variations) then a sale price range is displayed showing the lowest – highest sale prices that are available. The applicable tax rate is included in the price(s) if the country of the store’s base of operations uses VAT-style taxes. This behavior can be overriden with the taxes option.


  • taxes: Default behavior depends on the base of operations. This setting can override the default. When set to true, includes the tax in the price(s) shown. When set to false, excludes tax from the price(s) displayed.
  • starting: Default is (empty). Displays the smallest price of a price range with the value of this option as the label (e.g. **starting=Starting at **: Starting at $5.99)


<?php shopp('product','saleprice'); ?>

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