filters the customer types lookup table.

add_filter( 'shopp_customer_types', [callback] )

@param array $types the customer types lookup table.


filters the customer types lookup table.

The customer types lookup table is used to populate the general purpose customer type menu in the Shopp customer admin. The customer type can be used in tax and promotion rules, and for customer programming purposes.

The built-in types are: Retail, Guest, Wholesale, Refferal & Tax-Exempt.


// register filter callback
add_filter('shopp_customer_types', 'customer_types_filter');

// create filter function
function customer_types_filter( $types ) {
    // Add 'VIP Retail' to the built-in types. 
    $types[] = 'VIP Retail';
    return $types;

    // Replace the built-in types. 
    $types = [
        'VIP Retail',
    return $types;

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