called on shopp_gateway ajax requests.

add_action('shopp_gateway_ajax_{purchase-gateway-slug}', [callback]);

@param array $_POST the php global post array


Called from AJAX from the Shopp order admin page: The purchase-gateway-slug is added to this dynamic action for the gateway associated with the purchase. The AJAX request must originate from the WordPress admin, and must be nonced. The AJAX request must have action=shopp_gateway, and also pid=. If the purchase with that id exists, Shopp will automatically do the appropriate shopp_gateway_ajax action. This is useful for added your own gateway specific AJAX behaviors to the Shopp order admin page.


add_action('shopp_gateway_ajax_paypalpro', 'paypalpro_ajax');
function paypalpro_ajax ( $_POST ) {
// do stuff

add_action('shopp_gateway_ajax_googlecheckout', 'googlecheckout_ajax');
function googlecheckout_ajax ( $_POST ) {
// do stuff

add_action('shopp_gateway_ajax_2checkout', '_2checkout_ajax');
function _2checkout_ajax ( $_POST ) {
// do stuff

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