returns meta data assigned to an object.

shopp_meta ( $id, $context, $name, $type )

@param int $id (optional) of the meta entry, or object id of the object the Shopp meta is attached to
@param string $context (optional) the object type that the object id refers to.
@param string $name (optional) the name of the meta data
@param string $type (optional default: meta) the data type of meta data (examples meta, spec, download, image, yourdatatype )
@return array of stdClass Object meta values, with parent, type, name, and value properties


returns meta data assigned to an object.


// lookup meta record by meta id
$meta = shopp_meta(2229);
// lookup 'Producer' spec for product 5
$spec = shopp_meta(5,'product','Producer','spec');
// load the meta record for product download
$dl = shopp_meta ( $variant_id, 'price', '', 'download' )
// get all meta records associated with a price object
shopp_meta(false, 'price');

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