set whether or not an addon product is taxable.

shopp_product_addon_set_taxed ( $addon, $taxed )

@param int/Price $addon (required) The priceline id to set the tax setting on, or the Price object to change.  If Price object is specified, the object will be returned, but not saved to the database.
@param bool $taxed true to tax addon, false to not tax
@return bool/Price false on failure, true if Price saved, else the modified Price object.


set whether or not an addon product is taxable.

This function uses shopp_product_variant_set_taxed().


// Subscription addon for product 35
$Addon = 
            'product' => 35,
            'option' => array(
                'Extras' => 'Newsletter'

// Set subscription Addon of product 35 to non-taxable
shopp_product_addon_set_taxed ( $Addon->id, false );            

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