called after save in promotions editor.

add_action('shopp_promo_saved', [callback] );

@param Promotion $Promotion the Promotion object.


Triggered after a promotion is saved to the database from the promotion editor. See Parameters passed to the ‘[callback]’.


add_action('shopp_promo_saved', 'my_function');
function my_function ( $Promotion ) {
// do stuff

See Also

  1. The way Shopp 1.3.1 is coded, ‘shopp_promo_saved’ only triggers if $_POST['save'] is passed in the form (meaning you have to click the “Save” button).

    If you create secondary submit buttons, be sure to include a hidden ‘save’ variable or name your buttons ‘save’ to make sure this action fires every time.

    February 25th   #

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