create or update a new product meta record.

shopp_set_product_meta ( $product, $name, $value, $type, $valuetype )

@param int $product (required on creation/update) product object to create/update the meta record on
@param string $name (required on update) the name of the meta entry, more specific than type
@param mixed $value (optional default: false) the value stored to the meta entry
@param string $type (optional default: meta) the type or classification of the meta data
@param string $valuetype (optional default: 'value') 'numeral' or 'value', if the value is numeric, 'numeric' will store in numeric field.
@return bool true on successful save or update, fail on failure


create or update a new product meta record

This function used shopp_set_meta().


// set meta data on product 25
// set the drop ship notification email address for the manufacturer
$mfg_email = '';

shopp_set_product_meta ( 25, 'mfg_email', $mfg_email, 'meta');

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