returns a Shopp setting

shopp_setting ( $name )

@param string $name The name of the setting
@return mixed the value saved to the named setting, or false if not set.  returns null if empty name is provided


returns a Shopp setting

Common System Settings

Listed below are some, but not all, common Shopp settings.

  • account_system – “none”, “wordpress”, or “shopp” customer accounts
  • active_catalog_promos – list of currently active catalog promotions
  • active_gateways – list of active payment method gateway modules
  • active_shipping – list of active shipping estimates modules
  • base_operations – the base of operations setting setting your base country and other related parameters.
  • business_address – your business address
  • business_name – your business name
  • cancel_reasons – array of order cancellation reasons
  • catalog_pagination – number of products for catalog page
  • dashboard – sets dashboard widgets on or off
  • data_model – system setting that describes the database schema as it relates to Shopp objects. Note: do not edit this setting unless you know what you are doing
  • db_updates – describes changes to your database on the last upgrade of Shopp
  • db_version – the Shopp database schema version number
  • default_catalog_view – grid or list
  • default_product_order – title, custom, bestselling, highprice, lowprice, newest, oldest
  • dimension_unit – “in” or “ft” for imperial units. “cm” or “m” for metric units.
  • weight_unit – “oz” or “lb” for imperial units. “g” or “kg” for metric units.
  • display_welcome – on to display the Shopp welcome splash screen in the admin, off to turn it off
  • download_limit – integer number of downloads per downloadable product to limit downloads to
  • download_quantity – on to limit downloads, off to allow infinite downloads
  • download_restriction – on to limit downloads to the original IP address of the purchase, off to disable this restriction
  • download_timelimit – the timelimit integer representing the number of seconds to allow a download for each purchased download.
  • error_logging – the current level (or lower) that will be logged in the shopp log. 1 for SHOPP_ERR, 2 for SHOPP_TRXN_ERR , 4 for SHOPP_AUTH_ERR, 8 for SHOPP_COMM_ERR, 16 for SHOPP_STOCK_ERR, 32 for SHOPP_ADDON_ERR, 64 for SHOPP_ADMIN_ERR, 128 for SHOPP_DB_ERR, 256 for SHOPP_PHP_ERR, 1024 for SHOPP_ALL_ERR, 2048 for SHOPP_DEBUG_ERR
  • error_notifications – list of error levels that will result in an email notification to the store owner
  • free_shipping_text – test displayed when shipping on an order is free
  • inventory – on to enable inventory tracking system-wide, off to disable.
  • lowstock_level – integer percentage before low stock warning notications will begin
  • maintenance – on to put the store into “maintenance mode”, off for normal operations
  • merchant_email –
  • next_order_id – integer number used for the next order number
  • order_confirmation – “always” to cause order confirmation page to always appear.
  • order_processing_min – string number of days minimum to add to shipping estimates for order delivery estimates (ex. 4d)
  • order_processing_max – string number of days maximum to add to shipping estimates for order delivery estimates (ex. 5d)
  • order_shipfee – float representing the default order processing fee added to each order
  • outofstock_catalog – on to display out of stock products on the catalog, off to prevent out of stock products from displaying
  • outofstock_text – text used on the storefront for out of stock products
  • promo_limit – integer limit of cart promotions that can be applied to one session/order
  • receipt_copy – true to send a copy of the order receipt to the merchant, false to prevent order receipt email to the merchant.
  • row_products – integer number of products per row on the catalog
  • script_loading – “global” to load Shopp javascript files on all WordPress pages.
  • script_server – “plugin” to load Shopp javascript through WordPress, else scripts will load outside of WordPress.
  • shipping – on to enable shipping estimate calculations, off to disable
  • shipping_carriers – list of shipping carriers used for this store (“usps”, “ups”, “fedex”, “aramex”, “dhl”, “tnt”)
  • shipping_package_weight_limit – integer number (in weight_unit) limit for the shipping packager. -1 for no limit
  • shipping_packaging – mass, like, all, or piece for shipping packager default behavior
  • show_welcome – on to show welcome test after each activation of Shopp
  • storefront_pages – array of titles and slugs for each Shopp pseudo page.
  • target_markets – array of target countries to display on the checkout page
  • taxes – on to enable tax calculation, off to disable
  • taxrates – array of taxrate settings
  • tax_inclusive – on to use tax-inclusive pricing, and off to use tax-exclusive pricing.
  • tax_shipping – on to add tax to shipping estimates on checkout, off to prevent taxing on shipping.
  • theme_templates – /Users/jdillick/Sites/shopptest/wp-content/themes/default/shopp
  • theme_templates – off to use built-in theme templates, otherwise should be the unix-formatted absolute path to your shopp templates directory.
  • uploader_pref – “flash” for flash based image upload, and “browser” for browser based image uploads
  • version – the currently activated version of Shopp
  • workflow – product and category editor workflow default. “continue” for “Continue Editing”, “close” for “Products Manager”, “new” for “New Product”, “next” for “Edit Next”, or “previous” for “Edit Previous”


if ( 'wordpress' == shopp_setting('account_system') ) {
    // do something special for wordpress related shopp accounts

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