sideproduct-{id}.php content template

content template used for a specific sideproduct.

The sideproduct-{id}.php content template file is used for a specific single sideproduct page. The sideproduct-{id}.php template is more specific than the sideproduct.php content template file, and will override its content.


This template file is used when located in the shopp subdirectory of your theme.

For instance, if your “My Theme” WordPress theme is located at:


Any Shopp content templates should be added to:


Some of the more general content templates have examples that can be installed in your theme, using the Content Template Starter Set. The Content Template Starter Set can be installed from your WordPress Admin by navigating to Shopp → Setup → Presentation → Theme Templates.


sideproduct-100.php would be used for a sideproduct with ID 100.

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