A collection of products that have a specified promotional discount applied to them in the product catalog.

Renders a collection of products that have a promotional discount applied to them in the product catalog.


  • id: Default is (not set). Specifies the promotion by the numeric promotion ID to load products from.
  • title: Specifies the title to be shown for the category layout overriding the default category title.
  • controls: Default is off. Overrides the display of “control” elements in the category.php content template that would otherwise be shown. Used to highlight a selection of products in a category without all of the extra category controls.
  • show: No default value. Limits the number of products to show in the category display. Without a limit, this category will show all the products in your catalog (no matter what category they are in). Without a specified limit, a built-in hard limit of 1000 products is used to prevent the server’s resources from being totally consumed.
  • load: Default is false. Loads the category into memory, making it available for using Category Tags rather than displaying the category using the category.php content template file.
  • pagination: Default is numeric. Set to alpha this option will use alphabetic pagination, otherwise it will default to numeric.
  • order: Default is bestselling. Possible settings include: bestselling, highprice, lowprice, newest, oldest, random, and title


Shows 9 products with a promotion applied to it in the catalog

<?php shopp('','show=9&id=15'); ?>

Shows up to 9 products from a promotion with a database ID of 15. The collection is displayed using the layout defined in the category.php content template.

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