Embedded into the searchform.php template to enforce searching the storefront’s product catalog.

shopp('storefront', 'search', 'options')

@param string $object the object or object.tag combination, if object.tag is used, the tag parameter can be omitted
@param string $tag the tag, can be hyphenated or not. Prefix with 'get' as shorthand for the return=true option
@param mixed $options associative array, or url-style name=value pairs separated by ampersands (&). Each pair is passed to the theme api tag as an option.
@returns string Markup for an HTML input element to include in the searchform.php theme template

Use by including this tag in the active WordPress theme’s search <form> element, you can force the WordPress search to search the store’s catalog instead of blog posts. Optionally, you can provide options to allow the customer to select where to search.


  • blog_option: Default is Search the blog. Sets the text label for the blog search menu option.
  • label_after: Sets a text label appearing after the search function selection element.
  • label_before: Sets a text label appearing before the search function selection element.
  • option: Default is shopp. Accepts values of blog or shopp. An invalid value will automatically use shopp. This option requires the type option set to radio to specify the kind of radio button to display.
    shop_option*: Default is **Search the shop. Sets the text for the store catalog search menu option.
  • type: Default is hidden. Supports checkbox, radio, menu and hidden. Use the option option to set the function of each radio button.

Universal Options

All Theme API calls have these options.

  • return: when set to true, 1, or on, this option forces the tag to return the value instead of displaying/echoing the value to the page. Alternatively, prefix the tag parameter with get to get the same effect. All theme api tags that return a boolean value will return by default.
  • echo: when set to false, 0, or off, this option forces the tag to display the value to the page. This is the default for all non-boolean tags.
  • is: when set to true, 1, or on, this option will evaluate the return of the theme api call as a boolean true or false value. See how values are converted to boolean.

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