1.0.6 Arrives

I’m excited to announce the latest release of Shopp, 1.0.6 available for update and purchase today! With 1.0.6 we’ve put even more polish into Shopp by focusing on fixes, improvements to WordPress 2.8 integration and enhancements to the API.

You can grab the update from your Shopp Update Settings or use your original purchase receipt to download. If you need to can look-up your order receipt from http://shopplugin.net/store/account/

WordPress 2.8 Integration

While Shopp 1.0.5 brought official WordPress 2.8 support, 1.0.6 takes it even further. Shopp takes advantage of the new JavaScript optimizations in WordPress 2.8, improving overall speed of your administration experience.

With 1.0.6 we also converted all of the Shopp widgets to the new Widget API while providing backwards compatibility with the old widget approach for WordPress 2.6 and 2.7. In addition, we’ve added the new Category Section and Product widgets.

The Category Section widget will provide a navigation menu of all of the categories related (as in a sub-category or parent category) to the current category being browsed. Keep in mind, this only works when browsing the Shopp-powered dynamic catalog, not when putting Shopp categories in a static WordPress page.

The Product widget gives you a way to highlight a specific product or a set of products from a specific category in the widget supported areas of your theme’s layout.

More Power and Flexibility

The API has been further refined with new template tags and template tag options, including new smart categories and alphabetic category pagination. All of it designed to make it easier than ever to showcase products the way you (or your client) want to.

Shopp 1.0.6 includes the new Catalog Products and Related Products smart categories. Hello cross-selling and upselling!

The Catalog Products smart category provides the simplest method of showing all of the products in your entire catalog. With Related Products, you can now include a single tag in your product template to automagically show products related to the one being viewed.

The Help Desk

Since the initial release, Shopp’s community has been expanding rapidly and we’re in the midst of natural growing pains associated with a successful project that is gaining momentum. Aside from ensuring the platform is the best available, we also want the support experience to be the best out there.

Our first step in tackling that has been launched as the new Shopp Help Desk. The Help Desk is a custom issue tracking system that will allow our support team to more efficiently handle your questions and troubleshooting issues so we can keep people from slipping through the cracks.

It’s just one more way we’re working to make Shopp the best platform for e-commerce development.

More to come…

All in all, Shopp 1.0.6 includes over 65 new features, changes and fixes. For details, read the entire list of changes.

Looking ahead, we still have 1.0.7 on the horizon that will include some new payment gateways added into the core, providing even more payment options out-of-the-box. Also, look for new shipping calculator add-ons and payment gateway add-ons in the near future. And of course, 1.1 is well into the design phase and will represent the largest scale of development since release, including support for some of the most asked for features. We’re still looking for a few good developers that can help with testing releases, so if you think you have the right stuff, join the beta team.

  1. Yay

    I’m new to the Shopp family, but having had a few days with the new 1.06 version, I’m really excited 🙂

    June 15th   #

  2. Glad to see Shopp is being updated.

    It would be great if you implemented a function similar to the_loop, whereby you could write some code a little like this:

    if (have_products()) : while (have_products()) : the_product();
    the_permalink, the_description, the_tags, the_images, etc. etc.

    June 15th   #

  3. You can? These are part of the Template API that has been available since the launch of Shopp – though it’s not “have_products()” it uses but rather shopp(‘category’,’hasproducts’). For details see the Category Tags in the documentation.

    June 15th   #

  4. Hey Jon, thank you so much for the new release! It’s been a pleasure to work with such a well designed platform. Can you tell me, will product reviews be included in 1.1, and approximately when will 1.1 be released (just wondering if i should look for an intermediate solution for now.). Thanks again, I love Shopp!

    June 15th   #

  5. I’ve not tried that function yet. Excellent if it works like that 🙂

    June 15th   #

  6. There is just one thing that prevents me from using it – and it’s a lack of affliate engine. I can’t imagine anyone professionally selling stuff online going with something without an option to get affiliates and track results properly. It’s a shame, as your shops look very good and professional.

    don’t know about bulk image upload too – there just are some options that are necessary for me. I’d pay twice or triple as much, if it got affliate engine.


    June 23rd   #

  7. Does anyone use MAMP for development? If so, how do you go about doing the update without having a “Real” ftp server. Any idea what the settings are that I should use?


    June 29th   #

  8. With Shoppe can I sell memberships to my WordPress site?

    July 21st   #

  9. Thanks! Building a Shopp site now. Can’t wait to try out the new features 🙂

    August 10th   #

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