1.1 Official Release

Shopp 1.1 has arrived and is now available for purchase from the Shopp Store or as a free upgrade for existing Shopp key owners from their Shopp Store account under the “Downloads” menu. This release represents a whole host of new under-the-hood improvements and a some important front-end improvements that we’ve covered to varying degrees in the past and we believe it will be a game-changer for developers and designers in approaching e-commerce on WordPress.

What’s New

The list is too long to cover, but we’ll give you a sampling of what we think are the highlights of this new release.

  • Product Add-ons allow for optional add-ons in addition to product variations
  • Robust new search engine with full product content indexing and price matching
  • Redesigned tax system with conditional rules, local tax rate support and much a improved inclusive-tax approach
  • New add-on module architecture for gateways, shipping and the new storage engine modules
  • Completely revamped the transaction processing system for more flexibility and a unified API for writing onsite and offsite processing gateways
  • Added a new Image Server and Script Server for extremely fast, low-overhead image and script delivery
  • New Shopp-specific roles and capabilities supported throughout the system
  • Replaced Thickbox with Colorbox, a more modern, lightweight modal image viewer
  • PHP email templates that can support shopp() tags
  • Cart item-specific promotional discounts
  • Passes the McAfee SECURE scan for PCI compliance
  • Offline payment system for multiple offline payment options such as bank transfer and C.O.D..
  • Much, much more…

If you want the complete list, take a look at “What’s New in 1.1” on the documentation wiki. (Note: The feature list is so long, we’re still working on it…)

Notes about Upgrading

Backup, Backup, Backup

It’s very important to backup your files and your database before upgrading. While we’ve done our best to weed out issues, the under-the-hood differences from 1.0 to 1.1 make rolling back to 1.0 difficult. If you have any reservations about 1.1, backup before upgrading. If you’re not handy with backup, take a look at BackupBuddy from the PluginBuddy crew at iThemes. It backs up your files and data, making it a perfect piece-of-mind solution both for the upgrade process and for ongoing backup for your storefront.

If you’d like to be clear on how to upgrade Shopp, read “Upgrading Shopp” in our documentation for the different upgrade methods available.

Training Opportunities

We’re entering a new era with Shopp. Althought it’s still a point-release, the new architecture represents a whole new playing field of what’s possible. The free troubleshooting support system we provide doesn’t really cover training. It’s not designed to, and it would be a very poor way to really teach. But we still need a vehicle to help designers and developers make the most out of the possibilities Shopp provides.

Today we want to announce a new educational initiative to provide resources for learning how to design and develop with WordPress/Shopp. To start we’re planning a weekly online training session that will cover audience-led topics largely focusing on how to approach specific problems by extending Shopp and enhancing the templates. We’ll also be bringing in some experienced Shopp developers to write up new development tutorials with step-by-step walkthroughs on design and development related topics. So stay tuned as we announce these opportunities.

An Even Bright(er) Future

Shopp 1.1’s feature list is impressive. The engineering that has gone into Shopp 1.1 is even more impressive with the freedom and flexibility it provides. We’ve gone from a handful of action hooks and filters to 85 action hooks and 125 filters making it the most extensible Shopp ever.

Beyond that, we’ve learned a lot of lessons from building this release. We learned how to not promise what we can’t deliver. We learned that we never want to go through this level of rearchitecture again. We learned how to improve our quality testing process to turn a pretty solid product into an incredibly solid product. Most importantly we’ve figured out how to include the community in the development process in meaningful ways without compromising our core design principles. The result of all of these lessons is amazing and will pay huge dividends in future releases.

It’s the best release we’ve ever produced. We couldn’t be more excited about it. But Shopp is more than the code that makes it work. It is the community developing incredibly creative shopping experiences with WordPress and Shopp as a canvas. That’s what gets us up in the morning and keeps us up late at night. We can’t wait to see what you build with it!

Questions? Comments about the release?

We’d like to hear from you! Questions about the new version? Comments about your experiences building with Shopp? Let us know in the comments!

  1. Brava 🙂

    August 30th   #

  2. Sounds great guys, really looking forward to working with it.

    However where’s the link to the non-pre-release version? I can’t see it in my accounts folder. We’ve not rolled out Shopp yet, just starting to play with it, but it would be good to see that the copy we’re downloading is the real deal.

    Clear calls to action please 🙂

    August 30th   #

  3. Love shop and kudos on a wonderful plugin. However, I updated to 1.1 and it caused my product page to go into a vertical list. See here: http://fnprnt.com/fptest2/?page_id=266

    August 30th   #

  4. Yay!

    August 30th   #

  5. congrats, Jon! 🙂
    following since beta, I know that Shopp will evolve more and more interesting.
    ..and the long-awaited offline payment is finally here now.

    August 30th   #

  6. YESSSSS!!

    August 30th   #

  7. @ Dan

    I think it should be the one listed in the Downloads section. When I looked under Downloads, It shows the original order I placed last year with an order number and download link. I assumed that was the old version that I initially ordered. I downloaded it anyway and opened Shopp.php and noticed the version number is 1.1 so I’m assuming this is the brand new release.

    Can anyone else confirm this? Would be nice to have it listed a bit more clearly that it is in fact the new 1.1 release without having to do this.

    August 30th   #

  8. Nice job, kudos. Look forward to testing it all out!

    August 30th   #

  9. @Loungefly71 We’d had it listed with the version number originally. Back in place now. Sorry for the confusion!

    August 30th   #

  10. Thanks Jonathan. No worries :).

    August 31st   #

  11. Hell yeah, thanks!

    August 31st   #

  12. This is fantastic! Thanks for all the hard work

    August 31st   #

  13. “Offline payment system for multiple offline payment options such as bank transfer and C.O.D..”

    Australia loves you 🙂 NOW we can get to work!

    August 31st   #

  14. “Your Shopp key has not been activated.”

    What does this mean… where do I get my key from? Can we see it in our account page?

    August 31st   #

  15. I’m quite disappointed. There are still major bugs in official release.

    • My images doesn’t show up anymore. (??)

    • Due some ‘time bug’ my products are not show up, resulting in “Product Not Found”. Time difference with ‘Shopp-time’ and real time is -2 hours.

    August 31st   #

  16. Shop Key is activated in the dashboard of your wordpress.

    shop > settings > update > update key

    August 31st   #

  17. Great news, has the Australia post add-on been released?


    August 31st   #

  18. where do I get my key from? I’ve paid for it

    September 1st   #

  19. Sounds good, can’t wait to update an existing setup to see how it works out.

    September 1st   #

  20. @ Pete:
    I had the same issue – I went to do the update last night, and the auto-update refused to work, so I did it manually… everything throughout the cart re-populated properly except the key. Since I’ve taken over the site from another designer, I didn’t have the original email… so I went to the Account page on this site (like I had heard), but the “previous orders” section of my Account would not show me anything (which apparently would have the key on it). I ended up having to completely back out the update, reinstall my backup version of the site, and then manually copy-n-paste the key out. (Probably not necessary to add “there should be a better way to do this”).

    September 1st   #

  21. Would love to see the full list for the purposes of education with the intent to purchase, but… “Shopp documentation is only available to valid account holders.”

    Not the best marketing I’ve ever seen. :p

    September 1st   #

  22. I am going to have to downgrade, as 1.1 is totally unusable for me. Cant add images, cant add products ect, ect. I have disabled oall my other plugins, but still no luck 🙁

    September 2nd   #

  23. @tristan: is it on your localhost, tristan? with xampp?

    September 3rd   #

  24. I am able to upload photos but they do not attach to the product. Progress bar reaches 100% but the thumbnail never shows. Just the progress bar sitting at 100%, or it looks like 100%. Then if I refresh the page, the thumbnail is there but it doesn’t display on the Shop templates pages. Help.

    September 6th   #

  25. Don’t understand why UPS and USPS have to be an “extra” cost? Why not just give it to us? Do you realize how much more business you’d be getting; just to be able to say your plug-in provides it?
    And how about letting us use Shopp on a a limited amount of WP sites; say 2 or 3 before having to charge us?

    September 7th   #

  26. Does it not run right on xampp? I was hoping to test it on a xampp install.

    September 7th   #

  27. @dss13, no its on an apache live server n some test hosting area. I have down graded, and it all works fine, but now i get a 404 for any page related to the Shopp unless i am logged in the the WP admin?

    September 7th   #

  28. Failed to update from 1.0 to 1.1 on a WordPress multisite installation, running on localhost with wamp. After reactivation, I got a Fatal error, but the plugin is marked as activated. I’m proposed to download a 1.1.2 version but the download fails… Any hint ?

    September 15th   #

  29. We love Shopp! Does 1.1 have any “Groupon”-like conditional rule features??? (i.e. minimum number to buy, deal price versus original price, time limit, email deal closings, cancel PayPal hold etc…..)

    September 16th   #

  30. Can anyone help me? My Shopp “add to cart” buttons are outlined squares only. How do I set Shopp up so my add to cart buttons look visually more like buttons?

    September 22nd   #

  31. An automatic update failed (I have an update key). The community support forums and the documentation both appear to be dead also. Are we obliged to pay just to get an update, or can you link to explicit and comprehensive update instructions please?

    September 22nd   #

  32. I love Shopp too!
    Almost done, except I would like to know how to increase the size of my product thumbnails? a little bit too tinny [96 px]

    Where can I change the code?
    I didn’t find the 96 px anywhere. Oups!


    December 6th   #

  33. @Nathalie:

    You can find details here:

    December 9th   #

  34. Newest release looks very promising.

    Two questions, does Shopp have any Affiliate Program
    functionality built in or can you recommend an Affiliate plugin that will work with yours?

    Second, does your plugin tie in with the WordPress MultiLingual Plugin? I’d like to sell products in two languages on a website.


    January 2nd   #

  35. “New Shopp-specific roles and capabilities supported throughout the system”

    Does this mean that I can set different types of buyer with differant prices displayed? ie retail / trade

    February 17th   #

  36. Does anyone know how or where to get a hold of the Shopp Product Importer plugin? The download link is broken and I really need it for a project.

    May 17th   #

  37. Dissapointed. Bugs everywhere, major differences that affect production work flow in offering clients solutions. Bugs with thumbnail galleries, bugs with shipping not recognizing methods, bugs with shipping address not being able to be selected as billing address…

    Sorry Shopp, some quirky things in 1.1.8 that are just not satisfactory…

    June 1st   #

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