1.0 Beta 7 Available

The big release is finally here. This one is packed with new goodies. Here’s a brief overview, then I’ll highlight some of the big ones:

  • Faceted Product Search
  • Full AJAX-enabled/capable cart
  • Default catalog view setting for grid or list
  • Shopper-controlled product sorting by product title, bestselling, price (high to low & low to high)
  • Sub-category list or menu for category template
  • Better PHP compatibility now able to support all the way back to PHP 5.0.0
  • WordPress filters and hooks added throughout Shopp
  • Cart item thumbnails
  • New and improved category editor interface with image uploads, settings for product templates and faceted search setup
  • Save & Continue and Save (returning to product list) buttons in product editor
  • WordPress Post/Page TinyMCE button for inserting categories in post or pages (product tags coming soon)
  • Permalink slug editing for products and categories
  • Admin search capability for orders, promotions, products and categories
  • Many, many bug fixes

The main feature in this release is faceted product search (otherwise known as filtered searching). Setting up product detail templates now has a dual purpose. It provides a template for setting up your products faster and gives a central place to configure your faceted search menus. This is definitely a more advanced feature, and not necessarily “obvious” to setup, but I think the interface does a good job of naturally becoming more complex for more complex needs. You setup faceted search in the category editor, and then you can add a sidebar widget or shopp() tag to display the faceted menu in your theme.

This will be the last major release with added features as we get ready for the beta. A few minor enhancements will make it into the next release but for all intents and purposes, we’re at feature freeze while we fix any new and remaining issues for the first official release. With that, the next release will be our first release candidate. Also, at this stage I’m willing to entertain some beta testers who would like to tryout the Shopp beta to evaluate it for the purpose of writing a blog review. If you’re interested, please get in contact with me through the website chat in the sidebar or on the forums.

Beta Team Auto-update

Thanks to everyone who helped make this release the best one yet! Beta testers can get the new update in your Shopp > Settings > Update screen with a valid and activated beta key.

Enjoy and keep the feedback and bug reports flowing!

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