1.0.1 Update Available

This release is packed with bug fixes and very minor enhancements.

Here’s a list of the fixes in this release:

  • Fixed an issue with image quality not being set at the right values
  • Fixed an issue with the category editor generating updated category URIs with no parent categories
  • Fixed an issue with identically named sub-category slugs
  • Corrected a bug that prevented loading categories with numbers in their name
  • Corrected the Orders screen layout to allow the order status navigation to be accessible in WordPress 2.7
  • Fixed URL issues when pretty permalinks are disabled (standard query string URLs)
  • Refined category URI generation when creating/updating categories
  • Fixed problems with product search and standard query string URLs
  • Fixed a problem preventing IE from downloading Shopp-served digital product downloads
  • Enhancements to the update system to prevent updating if no updates are selected and to detect when FTP support is not available
  • Enhanced the Cart programming interface to track the category that the product was added to the cart from
  • Enhanced image upload system to use a Shopp-distributed SWFUpload library to prevent intermittent Flash-uploader issues
  • Enhanced SSL behaviors to rewrite all URLs (for resources that can have their URL rewritten) to force SSL when Shopp pages are called via SSL
  • Added ‘South Australia’ to the Australian states
  • Added WP 2.7 styled buttons for Shopp file upload buttons
  • Added a reset for ShipCalc cache on activation to force a new scan
  • Added Indonesian translation

Thanks to everyone who provided bug reports! And a special thanks to Deny Sri Supriyono for the Indonesian translation! This release makes Shopp very solid and paves the way for new add-ons.

Development is now underway for the eWay payment gateway and live shipping rate estimate modules for UPS. Look for these very soon. USPS and FedEx are planned, but not started yet.

Want to be a part of it?

If you’re interested in helping out, you can sign-up to be part of the pre-release test crew. You could also request access to the bug tracker to report bugs you come across either in pre-release versions or released versions. If you’re bi-lingual, you could work on a translation of Shopp.

To get involved in any of these areas, just send me a message and let me know how you’d like to help. I’ll help get you setup in whatever area you’re interested in.

  1. how do those of us who paid for the previous version get the update… i haven’t installed it yet

    January 7th   #

  2. Just click the download link in your e-mail receipt. It will automatically link to the latest version.

    Additionally, you could install the version you have, activate your update key and run the auto-update.

    January 7th   #

  3. Hi guys. Is there an ETA for CSV Uploader? I have a heap of shops to migrate and just holding back purchase until this is available. Or any ideas how I could do this manually, does Shopp use the WordPress page/post table to store products?

    January 8th   #

  4. The import system is in development, but it’s still a ways off. Hopefully I’ll have it ready by the end of next week.

    January 8th   #

  5. How about a payment link to Clickbank

    January 11th   #

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