1.0.3 Now Available

The big release is finally arrived. Thanks to everyone who helped track down bugs, provide ideas for enhancements and for everyone that has waited patiently on these updates! Thanks to everyone willing to contribute back to the Shopp community.

This release is jam packed with fixes, refinements, enhancements and even new features. The entire list of changes is too lengthy to list here, but here are just a taste of the goodies in 1.0.3:

1.0.3 Update Highlights

  • Fully supporting MySQL strict-mode
  • Numerous fixes for generating URLs system-wide
  • Several fixes for IE in the admin and shopping pages
  • Better HTTPS detection and handling system-wide
  • Fixes for IIS-based hosting environments
  • Fixes and enhancements to the email system and email templates
  • Fixed browser titles for products and categories
  • Fixed bestseller dashboard stats in the admin
  • Fixed an issue with adding tax rates for multiple countries when the countries do not have state/province zones
  • Fixed image scaling settings for thumbnails so that they behave as expected
  • Fixed an issue with adding a category in the post/page editor using the shortcode button
  • Fixes for WordPress integrated account login/logout handling
  • Fixes to the cart to correctly calculate shipping and taxes before checkout
  • Enhanced search performance on shopping pages and in the admin UI
  • Enhanced category pagination for better customization
  • Enhanced the database schema and Shopp’s DB access engine to support MySQL in strict mode
  • Enhanced list UIs in the admin with new columns and support for WP 2.7 screen options
  • Enhancements to display custom data in orders (for orders and per product custom data)
  • Enhancement to PayPal Express to use the Billing screen and show an order summary in the PayPal checkout process
  • Reworked URL generation system-wide – now supports WordPress in it’s own directory
  • Refactored cart for much better performance
  • New shopp() tag options and new tags – documentation coming soon
  • Updated UK country definition to use metric system
  • Updated Slovenia to use Euros
  • Updated language files for better internationalization
  • Added UTF-8 encoding for RSS feeds
  • Added basic custom input support for products through template tags
  • Added new category sort options for date-based and random sorting
  • Added RandomProducts smart category
  • Added product and category specific template file support
  • Added Dutch language support
  • Added support for live shipping estimate modules

If that’s only the highlights, you can just imagine how much went into this release. You’ll find the update in your Shopp → Settings → Update screen. Be sure your key is activated or buy one.

Even with the exhaustive bug fixes, I know this release still doesn’t address every single known issue, but I suspect 1.0.4 will be right around the corner and will get those addressed very soon.

Realtime Shipping Modules

UPS and FedEx realtime shipping rate modules have been released along with 1.0.3 and are available for purchase for $25 USD each.

It should be noted that these modules rely on a third-party service that can have availability issues. Should you choose to use them, be sure that you have a custom shipping method set in case the live estimates fail. Each requires access to the UPS and FedEx APIs. Documentation for getting your API access and setting the modules up for Shopp will be coming soon. USPS, Canada Post an AUPost are all on the list so look for those soon also.

Thanks for your patience with this release, and continued patience for any issues that may crop in this one. I’ll be working just as quickly as I can to get them addressed too.

  1. Brilliant work as usual!

    February 13th   #

  2. Looking forward to the Canada Post addon, hopefully it comes out soon.

    February 13th   #

  3. woohoo! Great job bro.

    February 13th   #

  4. B – E – A – U – T – I – F – U – L

    thank you – it’s going to really be a time saver versus linking in a supporting ZenCart

    February 21st   #

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