1.0b5 Out the Door

Shopp 1.0b5 is out and it has the largest amount of fixes to-date. Beta members can use the auto-update feature to grab the new version. Nearly everything in the system got a work through. Some of the noteworthy new additions include the HSBC ePayments payment gateway module, deactivating Shopp now un-publishes the Shopp-installed pages, and WordPress hooks have been added for successful orders and e-mail receipt data processing.

The HSBC module is big news because the API is not necessarily easy to come by. That doesn’t make it exclusive to Shopp, but there isn’t any other WordPress e-commerce solution with support for it (yet).

The hooks that were added are particularly useful to developers who are customizing Shopp. These hooks will allow for custom immediate post-order processing to occur, such as generating software keys that can then be included as part of the receipt e-mail. Developers need to create a custom plugin of their own to use these hooks. I’m hoping to get a plugin template put together that has the shell in place to make it really easy to add custom functionality.

This was such a huge bug fix release that although I’m proud of the extra polish, I’m almost embarrassed at how many problems there were to tackle. Now on to b6 and bigger and better things.

One last item that may be of interest, one of the first alpha testers has their site capable of taking live orders. That means we’re getting that much close to release candidates. Congrats on that milestone to everyone involved in helping Shopp come together.

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