Australian Payment Processing

Shopp has long supported credit card processing services in Australia. Now we’ve added support for two more options to help merchants handle payment processing securely and easily.


Pin Payments

Pin Payments debuted as Australia’s only all-in-one payment processing service. It has a beautiful dashboard manager and works with any Australian bank account. The Pin Payments addon for Shopp provides secure onsite payment processing through the Pin Payments simple JSON API. It even has support for processing refunds from within your Shopp order maanger.

Pin Payments for Shopp takes credit cards through your website. That means you’ll need to have setup SSL encryption and secure certificate to protect the payment details.

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NAB Transact XML

Shopp has already supported NAB with the NAB Transact Hosted offsite payment solution for PCI-compliant payment processing. After many requests we’ve also implemented the onsite payment processing system with refund support in the order manager.

As with Pin Payments, the NAB Transact XML addon for Shopp takes credit cards through your website. You’ll need a secure certificate for SSL encryption on the site to protect your customer’s payment information.

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