Beta 6 Release

Things are really starting to cook now! Beta 6 is hot off the text editor and packs a huge amount of updates.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Filesystem storage support for product images and digital product downloads (faster than database storage and supports huge files 1GB-2GB)
  • Browser-based alternative file uploads for product images and digital product downloads for when Flash is being a pain
  • RSS feed enhancements to support Google Base (submit your product RSS feeds to Google and get your products in Google’s product search)
  • Category grid/list view toggle control (keeps the setting throughout the visit)
  • Plugin hooks for custom post-order processing (useful for developers that need to create software keys after a successful order)
  • New option to show smart categories in the category list (shopp() tag and Shopp categories widget)
  • Products now have a Published setting so you can work on products until they’re just so before going into your catalog
  • Enhanced the order management screen to show the customer’s phone/email
  • Enhanced the order receipt to now show the shipping address label beside the billing label
  • Enhancements for WordPress 2.7

Also, there are a ton of fixes and improvements in this release including fixes for the promotions system, file upload error handling, better out-of-stock handling and so much more!

It’s the biggest and best release yet, so fire up that Shopp update screen and let me know what you think.

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