Beta 7.6 Released

This beta is packed with great new enhancements and is a highly recommended update for all beta testers. Here’s an overview of the updates:

  • New bulk product data loader
  • Rewritten Category rendering to use the new bulk product data loader; shopp(‘product’) tags are now used in the product loop of the category template; shopp(‘category’,’product’,’…’) tags are now deprecated
  • Faster image serving and faster delivery of other dynamic helper files make Shopp much snappier and less memory intensive
  • More WordPress 2.7 enhancements

New Category Rendering

In case that little tidbit was lost on you, you can now access any product data you want in the category product listing template. Want to show the product variation options menus with every product in your category list? Now you can. You can even show all the images for a product, or the product tags, or even get access to all the other categories a product is assigned to.

Performance-minded developers might be asking how does this all affect performance? With some easy options added to your category tags, you can force loading all the information you need up front (in a single SQL query), or if you want your memory throttled a bit more, you can use the product tags to load information as it is needed. It’s up to you. Just remember, the more information you want to use up front, the more memory it will use per visitor.

Next Releaseā€¦

The flood of critical bugs seems to have all but died down with just minor tweaks and fixes needed. Depending on the number of regressions and types of problems reported with b7.6, we are in all likelihood looking at Release Candidate 1 as the next release.

I’m hearing more and more beta testers bringing Shopp online and launching live stores. Congratulations to all of you and thanks for helping make Shopp so much better!

Need Help?

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