Beta Starts Next Week!

At long last, the time for beta has finally arrived! Thanks to the patient crew that participated in the limited alpha, we’ve worked out most of the major issues that would have been show-stoppers to most people in the beta.

There is just one major feature left to complete which by all reasonable estimates will be finished over the weekend.

The current plan has beta invites being sent out next Tuesday morning. Some things to keep in mind in case you don’t get an invite on Tuesday…

If you do not get an invite on Tuesday, it doesn’t mean you are out of the beta completely. If the alpha has taught me anything, it’s that I can expect to get feedback from maybe half of the people I send an invite to. Remember, if you don’t participate in the beta process (by providing regular feedback such as forum posts of your opinions, bug reports on the issue tracker, etc), you won’t get a functional update key for getting new updates. You’ll be stuck with the incomplete (potentially still buggy) version you end up with at the end of the beta. Despite that, there will still be people who simply don’t participate, so that leaves room for more people to be invited. With that in mind, there will be multiple rounds of invites. Each round of invites will go out every week on Tuesday mornings.

I’m looking for people serious about helping make the best ecommerce solution available on WordPress. You can help me determine who is really serious by registering on the forums and introduce yourself there, or contact me via Skype (ingenesisltd) or AIM (ingenesis) and let me know what you want out of Shopp and how you’re going to help.

Those that contact me first and demonstrate how committed they will be at giving regular feedback (touching base every day or every couple days), will be “upgraded” on the invite list and get in on the earlier invite rounds. I’m also willing to “upgrade” people on the invite list who are willing to post reviews about Shopp on their blog to help spread the word, again post on the forums or contact me via instant messenger or email. I’ll be putting my final list together on Monday evening, so you have until then to get registered or contact me.

Thanks everyone!

  1. This is great news and perfect timing!!
    I’m going to the WordCamp conference in Utah and I can’t wait to tell people about this plugin and get every one as excited as I am. I’ve been working with several other plugins and his one look very promising. I can’t wait to get my hands on it and test it out.

    Keek up the good work

    Thank you

    September 26th   #

  2. Awesome I will be putting up a site Mon to begin testing. I am very excited to do some templating for your shopping cart. Also – I have a quick functionality question for you but maybe it would be better if I wait until I begin working with the shopping cart. It involves setting up a large visual date range selector using the jquery slider component to offer subscription purchases. Thanks.

    September 27th   #

  3. @StudioLeland: Not sure precisely what you’re after with the “large visual date range selector”. What I can tell you is that this release of Shopp will not “directly” support subscription transactions (specifically, the auto-renewal transactions). Subscription transactions are their own beast that require some special handling in product management/setup but also in the payment gateways. The core push right now is a solid, stable core functionality for selling digital or shipped products.

    I do plan to have Shopp support at least two other transaction types, including subscriptions and event/ticket sales. Unfortunately (for you and others that want/need this now), it won’t be available until later releases. Sorry, I’m only human!

    September 27th   #

  4. JonD,

    I will be using this plugin to market a “cookie of the month club” Where users will choose the number of months they want to recieve a product (could be any product – in this case cookies) and then when they checkout they will pay a one time fee. However, each product would be considered 1 month worth of cookies. I was wondering if there is a way to integrate this type of sliding interface output of products so users could use a date range slider to choose products. See link below for the overall idea (each box would represent 1 product and after making the selection an “add to cart” would add all visible items to cart…)

    Just wondering if there was a way to create an output like this using your cart. I will use it anyways since it sounds good but this would be perfect if I could adapt it. thanks a ton can’t wait to try out your stuff.

    September 28th   #

  5. The interface is completely driven by templates that can be fully customized. This would be done in the product page template. So yes, it is possible. Easy? Not really, because of the need to understand DOM manipulation, but certainly possible – and without needing to “hack” Shopp.

    September 28th   #

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