Bug Fix Release, 1.0.2

It’s been frantic and busy getting a new update out while developing the new live shipping rate modules. There are a good many fixes in this release that will make Shopp more solid than ever. It also has some necessary enhancements to make it work correctly with the upcoming live shipping estimate modules.

Here’s the long-ish list of all the changes in this version:

  • Fixes in the cart promotion calculation to catch intermittent error messages in the cart when the cart session is idle and about to expire
  • Minor style adjustment for the default cart layout in the template stylesheet
  • Fixed the display of the default priceline label
  • Fixed the checkout validation to skip required select menus that are disabled
  • Fixed a problem where submitting the order lookup under the Your Account page would load an empty order receipt
  • Fixed an issue with credit card numbers with non-digit characters (like dashes or spaces)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the product download link to break when product download files are updated with a new file
  • Fixed available credit cards for the TestMode payment gateway
  • Corrected the URL for the confirm-order screen when using pretty permalinks with the main catalog set as the homepage
  • Fixed the digital delivery system to automatically look up and deliver the lastest updated product download
  • Fixed an issue with item changes in the cart showing an error because the new category parameter was not being included when generating the new item
  • Fixed an issue with the state/province text fields not showing previously entered data
  • Fixed a problem with payment gateway’s accepted cards setting not being saved and used for the front-end checkout system
  • Corrected the checkout form state/province options to initially display the currently selected country from the form before falling back on the base of operations country
  • Corrected the markup for hierarchical category menu to ensure it validates properly
  • Small correction to the product editor to ensure we’re using <?php ?> everywhere as <? ?> are not always processed as PHP on every web server
  • Added the cart URL to the category form to ensure that AJAX behaviors work properly in Firefox
  • Added settings table for shipping rate services
  • Added an option to include the postcode in the shipping-estimate cart tag UI with the ability for shipping calculation modules to force it on when they need it
  • Added a custom field to PayPal Express
  • Added a per-order handling fee setting to the Shipping settings
  • Added Save & Continue Editing and Save Category (and return to category list) buttons to the category editor
  • Modified the mark-up of the shipping-estimates and promo-code cart tags
  • Enhanced the page indexing method to run every time a Shopp-page is saved, the rewrite rules are generated and when updating the reading options
  • Enhanced the presentation settings screen to auto-select the entire number for number-based settings
  • Enhanced the file uploaders in the product editor and category editor to fall back to browser-based uploads when the client is on a Mac and the server has Apache’s mod_security enabled
  • Updated the Purchase tags to show the full state name and full country name
  • Fixed URLs for images in category feeds

Not sure I need to add anything to that other than to say Shopp is really rock-solid now. With the addition of some of the upcoming add-ons it will fit the bill for most every online storefront’s needs.

In other news, I’ve been getting invites to give presentations on Shopp to developers, both online and offline. It’s been fun showing off what Shopp can do in person, meeting other developers and just geeking-out on code in general. In that vein, I’m hoping to produce some screencasts in the coming weeks that will do a better job of showing how Shopp does it’s thing (in my spare time, of course).

Also, if you are the podcast listening type, I’ll be on WordPress Weekly with Jeff Chandler this Friday, January 16th, 2009 at 8 PM EST if you care to jump on TalkShoe and join the chat or even call in with questions. It’s a great podcast with a wealth of news about our favorite blogging/CMS platform. Should be fun and I hope to see some of you there!

  1. Hi Jon, I suppose you can sleep next year time eh? Although I’m not a code freak like you guys, I’m always excited to see Shopp progress over time. I can see this year a being a big one for WordPress and I reckon Shopp will be a big part of that.

    January 13th   #

  2. Congrats on this quick release! Your dedication is really amazing, I personally can not wait for all future improvements.

    January 14th   #

  3. Great job on landing an interview on WordPress Weekly! I’m glad you took my advice, I’m listening to it right now!

    -Ben a.k.a. Yoyomaster
    Shopp Site – http://www.saraswansondesign.com

    January 17th   #

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