Donations Enhancements

If you’re one who has been interested in Shopp for handling donations, you’ll be very excited to know that 1.0.5 includes major enhancements for the donation product type.

So far, Shopp has been limited to setting a donation amount that donors would add to their cart. This meant that offering different donation amounts required the use of product variations. Upcoming in 1.0.5, the donation system has been greatly enhanced to include support for variable donation amounts. Now you can allow your donors to specify custom amounts and even use the amount you set in the product editor as a required minimum donation amount. The great news is, it doesn’t require any alteration to your templates to use this functionality.

There are several bugs unrelated to the donations system that need addressed before 1.0.5 can be released. Still, you can look forward to seeing the update in the next couple weeks or so as our pre-release team has a chance to work with it and verify the fixes.

  1. We are about to overhaul our site to use WP 2.71 – still working on our theme, but I’m looking for a ecommerce plug-in, and Donations (shopper) sets price for item, is a critical feature that I’ve yet to find.

    Please keep me posted!

    May 12th   #

  2. When is the update with the donation enhancement available?

    June 15th   #

  3. Is it possible to add amounts to the amount dropdown?

    June 15th   #

  4. It’s been available since 1.1. And yes, you can add amounts to a drop-down, or you can use a text input. You can set minimum donation amounts, or suggest a starting donation amount.

    June 15th   #

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