GamZu is a board games, card games, and dice games retailer. We used the “straight from the box” functionality for the most part. We used template tags and product categories quite extensively to create an easy-to-browse situation for our site visitors. The coupon code functionality is one of our personal favorite features included in Shopp. We used the Authorize.Net add on for order processing. Shopp was easy to implement, and the support has been great. We’re very happy with our decision to use Shopp.

3 votes
  1. How did you do your sidebar and how did you get those custom filters? Clean looking site 🙂

    March 24th   #

  2. They are using a ton of categories. Really they are just displaying the links to the categories which kinda gives the illusion of custom filters.

    July 21st   #

  3. How do you get multiple categories listed in the main section of the landing page?

    March 28th   #

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