Hosting Headaches

Apologies if you’ve had problems accessing any of the Shopp sites (the website, forums or wiki). Our hosting has been rather crap as of late. The server has become unreliable and the web host support staff have been very unresponsive.

So, we’ve packed up and moved to new hosting. I’m hoping to see far better reliability and performance. It also should be scalable as things grow we’ll be able to bring more servers online very rapidly. Be patient over the next day or so as the new DNS gets propagated through the net.

On the development front, things have slowed down as I’ve had to deal with these emergencies. I’ll be back into full bug fix mode next week though. The next release should be out Sunday or Monday night, along with the next round of invites. As always, thanks for being patient, and of course, for your feedback on the plugin!

  1. That’s cool! SliceHost should be good for ya. It’s the same as Mosso, cloud computing from Rackspace. We have some clients with them and they’ve been solid. Nice work btw!

    November 13th   #

  2. Mosso? Ugh! I got burnt by them big time. Cloud computing is great if you have a site with solid traffic, but it doesn’t scale down very well. The smaller sites with lower traffic get so little to work with they (were) butt slow.

    SliceHost is working out great so far. I started with them just before they sold to Rackspace. I hope they remain as solid as they are now.

    November 13th   #

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