iDeal & FirstData/LinkPoint

Two new payment gateways have been released and are now available for purchase on the store. The iDEAL (by Mollie) gateway provides a payment system for the Netherlands (thanks to illutic for the testing help). Also, a gateway for FirstData (known as LinkPoint/YourPay previously) has been released and can be used in about 37 countries. Work is also underway to implement PayPal’s PayFlow (originally by Verisign) and QuickBooks Merchant Services.

On the shipping front, USPS is nearly complete and CA Post Sell Online services are started and well under way with release within the next couple of weeks. With that attention turns to the pure maintenance release of 1.0.6 which will address bugs in 1.0.5 most of them small and not critical, but none-the-less still annoying to deal with.

WordCamp Shopp Meet-up

Finally, for anyone around Ohio, I will be attending WordCamp Columbus on May 16th, of which Shopp is a Gold Sponsor. If you’re planning on attending, please drop me a line in the comments and let me know. I’d love to meet anyone who can make it for an informal Shopp meetup!

  1. So sweet to thank me, when I feel I should be thanking you 🙂

    May 6th   #

  2. I’ll be a WordCamp Columbus..

    May 6th   #

  3. Looking forward to meeting you in person Jonathan.

    May 15th   #

  4. This is really nice,

    Makes SHOPP a good option after all…

    June 4th   #

  5. Hi,

    Ideal is also available directly via the several banks in the Netherlands
    (no need for mollie or other extra payment provider)
    any chance that shopp can integrate with ideal lite from the Rabobank ?


    June 5th   #

  6. @ojl: Jon knows about that. The reason we used Mollie is because you don’t need a bank iDEAL solution which makes it more accessible for everyone. I guess you could use the Mollie gateway as a ‘template’ for the bank-solution, but since I don’t know how those work I’m not sure.

    I guess it would be easier to consult a Dutch programmer (with iDEAL knowledge) to see if (s)he can adapt the Mollie gateway or just create a new one.

    BTW, Jon isn’t Dutch so I think the chances of him reading that PDF file are rather slim.

    June 12th   #

  7. Has anyone made progress already integrating Rabobank iDeal with Shopp?

    August 13th   #

  8. I hope there is somebody who find out a solution for the iDeal integration with the gateways of the banks.
    I am looking voor an ING iDeal option with shopp.
    That would be great

    July 27th   #

  9. Hi.

    First Data has asked me if Realex is implemented in your plugin “FirstData”?

    May 31st   #

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