In The Pipeline…

Nine months after the official release of Shopp and big things are happening.  We have a general sense that Shopp is starting to come into its own.  There’s a lot of positive buzz and good momentum for the project as a whole. It’s been a tremendous success and we couldn’t be more pleased.  But the wicked cool thing about all of this is…

…it’s only just beginning!

Growing Pains

While the success of Shopp is remarkable, the scale of it all is quite overwhelming. Above all we want to provide our customers with a great experience. As much as we may want that, we have to recognize there are some that are slipping through the proverbial cracks.

To address that, in the coming weeks we will be reinventing our approach to customer service in an effort to balance the quality of service we provide with the quantity of requests we receive on a daily basis. Something you can do to help us answer your requests more quickly is to always be as detailed as you can (more detail is always better), be reasonable about what you’re asking for (we can’t do your work for you), and be polite (yes, believe it or not we’re human too). We’re changing how we do things, but it will take time. While we are in this season of growing pains, please be extra patient, and if need be, give us a gentle nudge to get our attention. We do want to help.

New Partner

Perhaps the most dramatic change that will have a long lasting impact on all facets of the project is the addition of a new team member. As of September 1st, Ingenesis Limited (the development company behind Shopp) welcomed John Dillick as an official member of the company. If you’ve participated in the community forums or submitted an issue to the Help Desk you’ve already seen him around, and you’ll be seeing a lot more of him. John has a computer science background and brings 14 years of technical customer service experience to the team.  He is a tremendous asset to the company and will bring a wealth of new creative energies to the project.  While his primary role will be managing customer service, he will also be contributing fixes and enhancements directly to Shopp. Be sure to give John a warm welcome and go easy on him in the Help Desk!

WordCamp New York – 2009

We’re also very proud to announce Shopp is an official sponsor of the 2009 WordCamp New York. This is the second WordCamp we’ve sponsored and have found it is a great way to raise awareness of the project while giving back to the larger WordPress community. It’s our way of saying ‘thank you’ to the community that makes Shopp possible.

The whole team is planning to be there (Jonathan, John and Adam aka. randomguy3), and we hope to meet a lot of you in person at the event. If enough show up, we may put together a loosely organized Shopp mini-meet-up in the midst of the conference. If you’re planning on attending, give a shout out in the comments!

New Releases

In the midst of all these goings on, we’ve managed to publish updates to PayPal Pro, and iDeal Mollie to fix some minor issues. We also recently released our first payment system add-on for South Africa – NetCash, now available on the Shopp Store.

If you’ve been paying attention to the website you may have also noticed the new Extras section. The Extras will provide a directory of Shopp-related downloads including translation files and free-download plugins that can enhance how you use Shopp. We already have a handful of translations available thanks to several contributors (thanks eveyone!). And today we added the Shopp Analytics plugin that will integrate your Shopp-powered site with Google Analytics e-commerce statistics. We’ve got a few more enhancements that we can’t justify adding to the core, but we see the potential utility in them enough to release them to the community.  So keep any eye on the Extras on!

Reworked Roadmap

The roadmap has undergone some drastic work to realign our development to balance the immediate needs of the community with our planned architectural improvements. Without going into all of the details, a lot of features originally planned for 1.1 will be pushed back. Our focus in development now is to stabilize the features in the core to make the existing platform rock solid.

There is a lot of work to be done and a lot already done. We will be rolling out 1.0.9 to address a number of issues in the current release – most importantly fixes to PayPal Standard, and the download expiration limit bug. Beyond that, 1.0.9 will also have a good many enhancements including:

  • New API tags and tag options
  • Basic integration support for the All In One SEO plugin
  • Full support for multi-byte character languages
  • Advanced search options for orders and customers
  • An optimized download delivery system for handling very large downloads even on low-memory server environments
  • Support for resumable downloads (for browsers that support it) when using file system storage for digital products.

In a nutshell, 1.0.9 makes Shopp more robust than ever. Watch this space for a release announcment very soon.

The 1.0.9 release also sets the stage for 1.1 development. Our primary focus in 1.1 is to do some house cleaning, making some minor architectural improvements while adding a handful of major features to better complete Shopp’s e-commerce development arsenal. With it we’ll add support for taking offline payments via bank transfer, wired payment or C.O.D. We’ll announce more features for 1.1 as development progresses, so check back often or follow us on Twitter. The abbreviated development plan for 1.1 is designed to allow us to to get a good number of new major features rolled out in a shorter timeframe than was originally planned. Still, don’t expect 1.1 until late this year or very early next year.

New Showcase Sites

While you’re waiting for 1.0.9 and 1.1 to get released, take a look at what people have been crafting with Shopp in the Showcase.  There have been fantastic submissions of late that really show off how flexible (and easy) Shopp is as an e-commerce development platform.  We are so excited to see Shopp used to build not just functional e-commerce sites, but beautiful shopping experiences.  Thanks for your submissions and please keep them coming!

  1. As I early summer 2009 customer, I left Shopp, for only one reason, not being able to sell multi-file digital products. This does not mean in any case, I keep following shopp progress as I’m convinced is one of the best shops for wordpress nowadays.

    All the best.

    September 18th   #

  2. Good read. Nice work! Thumbs up

    September 18th   #

  3. Nice work. Is the Roadmap going to be published somewhere on

    September 18th   #

  4. Thank you it’s a very interesting post !

    September 18th   #

  5. Nice to see a good roadmap laidout.
    Hope us multi-language worshippers won’t be left out! 😉

    Keep up the good work and glad for John and the partnership.

    September 18th   #

  6. Excellent job on this plugin which has HUGE potential. Greatly appreciate the attention to making sure the base code is very solid.

    The biggest items on my wish list:

    Quantity price breaks.

    September 19th   #

  7. Thanks for the update and for focusing on stabilizing the core over adding new features! Much better to have a working store than lots of great features that are broken! So glad to hear that Shopp has been so successful. It was a much needed addition to the WordPress community. Welcome John!

    September 20th   #

  8. GREAT post, I login to shopp every couple of days and browse through the forums to get a glimpse of what’s coming next but this summarizes it all excellent.

    Big thumbs up for the analytics plugin, and the extras section in general. There is a plugin by a forum member which replaces the main wordpress search with shopp search and that should be on there too. It’s called shopp search by “killbot”.

    I’m glad that the focus right now is on stability, but whatever happened to product reviews and the full wp-integrated account system?

    In any case, great job so far, I love shopp 🙂

    September 20th   #

  9. Great to hear what’s going on and such.
    I’d love to hear a more detailed roadmap.

    Please, please, please make the search capabilities better.
    Search is crucial for large numbers of products.
    Robust search will make Shopplugin a shoe-in for large storefronts.

    Thanks for the great work.

    September 21st   #

  10. I would LOVE to see login capabilities that allow for access to different prices. I.e. wholesale customers seeing wholesale pricing, retail sees retail pricing, etc. This is the one reason I’m considering switching to another system, which I really don;t want to do.

    September 22nd   #

  11. Excel Sheet Product Import please. This should be listed on the site that it is not available as I figured it would be a given when I purchased. That missing feature alone is enough for me not to use this in other projects. Aside from that its a good program.

    September 22nd   #

  12. Excel Sheet Product Import please!! very much here to.

    Killin me to explain my client that he can not import big quantities!

    When is is a option??

    Or I rather pay some to create this! I need it quick.

    September 24th   #

  13. Nice work guys.
    I’ll be watching this project with keen interest.
    Good to have some competition for WP-eCom .

    When do you realistically think you will get Japanese language support available.

    Japan is the #2 Ecommerce language in the world after all!

    September 28th   #

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