Ingenesis Limited Shutting Down

Shopp was an idea that started over a decade ago. It’s been an incredible journey to be on. They say necessity is the mother of invention. That was certainly true for Shopp. The project started as a solution for a client when other solutions at the time were inflexible and limited.

Shopp was written from the ground up to provide a flexible toolbox for custom development of e-commerce websites using WordPress as the underlying content management platform. It continues to deliver on that mission today for thousands of online storefronts.

The company principally responsible for developing Shopp, Ingenesis Limited has been in operation for 17 years as a web design and development consulting agency. As the primary caretaker and contributor of development on Shopp, Ingenesis has supported those development efforts through paid support services in the form of annual paid support contracts for Shopp and annual paid support and updates for Shopp add-ons. Shopp support went on sale, officially on December 30, 2008 at midnight. On December 30, 2018, Ingenesis shut down as an operating business. Official support services for Shopp will continue until the end of the terms for existing paid support customers. Add-on updates and support services will continue for paid add-on customers as updates are made and published until the support term ends. Renewals for Shopp support and add-ons are no longer available for purchase.

The beauty of open-source is that Shopp will continue to live on as passionate developers interested in seeing it grow and thrive contribute to its ongoing development. Long may it live on.

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