Maintenance Update

We’ve continued to work long and hard to meet our goal of making Shopp as rock solid as possible. In fairly short order – only a week from our last release – we’ve put together another update that addresses a handful of issues discovered since then. This release is a pure bug fix release with no new features. However, as it does address some significant bugs, it is recommended that everyone update. You can snag the 1.0.13 update through the auto-update system in your Shopp Update Settings, or login to your Shopp Store account and download it manually.

With a few exceptions, the vast majority of issues are specific to a given hosting environment or a web browser behavior. Spending the time to clean these up makes Shopp a more well-rounded solution, and therefore, a more broadly useful e-commerce system for everyone. The list of the more important fixes isn’t very long (that’s a good sign!), but here are the highlights:

  • Fixed a problem with processing secure credit card transactions on the local website in certain web hosting environments.
  • Addressed an issue where the promo code input doesn’t show up in the cart when it should
  • Corrected free checkout handling in some external checkout systems

If you want the juicy technical details, we’ve posted the official 1.0.13 change log. While its not a major update, it is significant, and you can help avoid issues on your site by updating. If you need help getting from there to here, give us a shout on the Help Desk.

  1. I like keeping up on the fixes/changes.
    I’d really like it if you’d slap feedburner or similar over this updates section, so I can subscribe by email.
    It’s strange that you don’t even publish a rss link for this.
    Anyway, it’d make keeping up on your progress easier.
    BTW, you should let your twitter followers know about this update also.

    October 12th   #

  2. should work for you.

    October 12th   #

  3. Thanks Jon,
    I should have guessed it. Oh well.

    October 13th   #

  4. How do we download the update? I don’t want to update our install directly in case it breaks anything and would prefer to download it and test it first.

    When I click on my original download invoice, it states there are no downloads available.

    October 13th   #

  5. I have Shopp Version 1.0.11 installed. I noticed there have been several updates since then. Do I need to install all of the updates in order or can I just install the latest to get the benefits of all of the changes?

    Also, is there a way to do the update directly from WordPress, as I do with other plugins?


    October 14th   #

  6. You only need the latest. We don’t release updates as patches. The distribution is small enough we release the entirety of the code in each update, so you can always be confident you are getting everything you need when updating to the latest version.

    October 19th   #

  7. You may be having an account issue. Contact us on the help desk and we’ll get you straightened out.

    October 19th   #

  8. Is shopp compatible with Google Checkout? Then I would not need, right?


    November 11th   #

  9. Yes, Shopp includes Google Checkout as part of the core gateways it supports.

    November 12th   #

  10. Shopp via my Dashboard is telling me that there is a 1.0.17 update available, but that I need to purchase an update key. I don’t see a mention of this build on the website. Can you give me any more info?

    January 6th   #

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