Minor Releases for Beta 7

In getting things ready for first official release there will be several minor updates rolled out very quickly over the next few days. So have your beta key activated and keep your eyes out for the updates.

I’m chewing through the issues on the issue tracker very quickly and efficiently. I’m now convinced that the system is stable enough to power a live shop. There may be little issues that need corrected, and bigger environment-specific issues affecting a small segment of the user base that may need addressed, but in terms of core functionality, I’m confident Shopp can be effectively used to power a live store. That’s a pretty big milestone to hit and I couldn’t have done it without the help and insight of the active beta team. Thanks everyone!

Website Updates

As we get closer to release, I’ll be making some substantial updates to the Shopp website. Most noteworthy of those changes will be the “Showcase” – a gallery for sites using Shopp. I want to do it up right so that you can submit your entries, get your Shopp-implementation rated, and share your story of what features you’re using in Shopp the most.

Beta Keys

Beta testers, please be aware that your update keys will become invalid as soon as the final release ships. This will prevent further updates of Shopp through the auto-updater or the manual download page. I will be giving a free key to each beta tester that has been providing regular feedback, posting issues on the issue tracker, participating on the forums or working with me directly on issues. So please, if you have a beta key, participate! The whole benefit of getting in on the beta is the free key for the release version! Otherwise, you’ll be left with last version of Shopp before the release and you won’t have access to any of the cool updates planned for version 1.1!

Need Help?

Please don't ask support questions in the comments! Search the Knowledge Base for solutions to known problems. If you can't find anything, open a ticket with the support team on the Help Desk, or ask in the Community Forums.


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