Minor Update Available

A minor update to Shopp is available bringing some fixes and minor enhancements under the hood. There are some important fixes here including improvements in PayPal Standard that make it much easier to handle failed orders. The latest version is now at 1.0.12 and is available via auto-update in the plugin or manual download by logging into your Shopp Store account and downloading from your Downloads locker.

To handle PayPal Standard better, we’ve enhanced the order manager to now provide a setting field for managing the order’s payment status (also known as the “transaction status”). This has important ramifications for store operators who use PayPal Standard and those that use Shopp for digital product delivery. If a PayPal order notification message fails for any reason, the order will still be created and allow the store owner to follow-up with the customer to verify payment. This should ease a number of headaches caused by failed notification messages.

We’ve also added some stronger security enhancements to the checkout process by ensuring just-in-time seamless encryption of the entire session when sensitive data is being cached and handled by Shopp.

Finally, we’ve improved the template and plugin API with new tags and action/filter hooks that add great new extensibility. We’ve also spent the time updating the documentation wiki with the new action hooks, filter hooks, template tags and configuration macros.

Shopp 1.1 development is in full force and is already showing incredible promise for the next minor architectural update. In order to continue pushing forward with new technologies available in later WordPress releases, Shopp 1.1 will officially be dropping support for WordPress 2.6.

  1. Nice, I hope you add a different name for shipping and billing in the new release as it is essential for people sending gifts.

    October 5th   #

  2. @deadhippo: You can add any number of custom inputs to your checkout template including a separate shipping name input. See the Checkout Tags documentation on the wiki: http://docs.shopplugin.net/Checkout_Tags

    Specifically, take a look at the order-data tag.

    October 6th   #

  3. I’m confused. I see release notes for 1.0.12 and 1.0.9. What’s the difference and why I can’t I see a download for 1.0.9 in My Account?

    October 6th   #

  4. Wow! I’m amazed you’re supporting anything other than the latest version of WordPress (currently 2.8.4)!

    Do you have a release date scheduled for 1.1? What new features are there to look forward to?

    October 8th   #

  5. Am updating now 🙂

    October 8th   #

  6. Hi,
    I want to set up a webshop with wordpress which is to be selling music, so people has to be able to listen to the specific track on the productpage- will that be possible with this plugin or theme?

    October 26th   #

  7. Hi,
    Is there a Australian Post shipping module for this shop?


    April 12th   #

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