New Addons and Important Updates

We’ve recently rolled out two new add-ons for Shopp that people have been asking for. Our team delivers.



The QuantumGateway is a U.S. based payment processor for processing credit cards directly through your website. You need to be running a U.S. based business (with a U.S. bank account) to use QuantumGateway. You’ll also want to make sure you have set up SSL encryption and installed a secure certificate on your web site to protect the sensitive payment information that will pass through your website to QuantumGateway.

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New Zealand Post

New Zealand Post

Finally, New Zealand Post released their new API and the Shopp development team has quickly delivered the New Zealand Post shipping rates add-on for Shopp. Now you can get real-time shipping estimates for New Zealand Post in your Shopp storefront.

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USPS Rates Update

In order to address numerous issues with the USPS addon returning incorrect rates in a number of specialized scenarios, we’ve rebuilt how it sends packages and gets rates. We went through the system with a fine-tooth comb and made sure rates from the USPS WebTools API match up to the rates you’d find on

We’ve also consolidated the service listings to the proper USPS service classes so that it’s easier for customer’s to select the right shipping option. It’s a big improvement, but we’ve still got work to do. The next update for USPS Rates will include a special setting for limiting rates to USPS’s special Flat Rate services giving merchants even more flexibility.

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  1. Hi,

    Can I get an update on when a setting for USPS Flat Rate shipping will be added to the USPS shipping plugin please?

    March 6th   #

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