Now Accepting Beta Applications

Shopp is close to beta release and I need to start lining up the testing crew. The beta will begin as soon as Shopp is ready (which I will cautiously and tentatively estimate is about 2 weeks away).

I’m looking for a wide variety of people, so even if you don’t think you’re all that technical, you can still jump apply for the beta. Keep in mind, it will be a limited beta but it will be run in several “release rounds”.

I am going to assume that there will be some percentage of those involved in the beta that will simply download the beta, try it out and when something they want doesn’t work they will just give up and I’ll never see any feedback. To account for this, I will be accepting new applications throughout the beta so there will be new beta testers added at each new beta release.

For more information, check out the Beta Program page, or jump straight in and fill out the Beta Application.

  1. Great idea! I could help you improve your plugin.

    August 22nd   #

  2. received your email invitation to test out the shopping cart.

    August 27th   #

  3. I have a cookie of the month club site that needs a shopping cart. Could I use this cart to group multiple products (or months) into 1 purchase. So lets say that a customer wants to buy 6 months worth of cookies in 1 purchase? Anyway – I would love to test your plugin, sounds awesome.


    September 12th   #

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