On the Horizon…

We’re very excited to announce a simply staggering amount of improvements that will change the way you develop and work with Shopp and ultimately, how you build and run e-commerce sites. Today we’re officially announcing the development of the Shopp 1.1 release to give the community an update on where we are and what to expect. With Shopp 1.1 we’re retooling a lot of the underpinnings that make Shopp work with the intent to make it structurally more reasonable, more powerful and less bug prone. Given where we are in development, and although we’ve a lot of work to go, the results of our tinkerings have been simply groundbreaking.

From the beginning we’ve always been striving for an ideal to make Shopp the de facto standard for developers and designers. In developing an e-commerce storefront, it was a constant headache to be constrained by what I felt were always architectural boundaries caused by inevitible shortsightedness by the developer. So Shopp was built to be as frictionless as possible. Obviously we’ve made great strides to be sure, but there is so much to improve. While 1.1 is designed to remove a lot of boundaries, the real strategy behind our approach is a reimagining of our core structure to build a system that while itself does not become perfectly frictionless, it provides a sound approach to be built upon, not hacked to encompass every niche requirement.

Since the project first began testing prior to release in 2008, we’ve learned a lot and we’re getting better all the time. So today Shopp 1.1 is a realignment to solve core issues in a way that doesn’t box us in to some of the monolithic atrocities that resulted in lots of overrides and exceptions to rules to accommodate our customers’ needs. The result was compounding bugs and messy code approaches that were terribly difficult to troubleshoot and worse yet to fix. Often we’ve found that the only way to fix certain bugs is to redesign the entire subsystem.

We’ve been able to go back and apply everything we’ve learned in the first year of the project to build upon the strengths already in Shopp while providing a whole new approach to the same problems. In otherwords, we’ve replaced our stupidity with innovation that will pay dividends for everyone.

So what’s new? It’s almost overwhelming to go over it all, but we want the community to know what’s cooking. First, lets start with the bad news. Trust me, you’ll be mostly happy when you see it all (the good and the bad), so don’t get hung up too much on these slightly dissappointing bits. Among other things, our strategy requires that Shopp 1.1 drop support for WordPress 2.6 and 2.7 and jump straight to requiring WordPress 2.8 (not that bad is it?). In addition the following features that we know the community is looking forward to will not make it into Shopp 1.1:

  • Wish lists
  • Affiliate support
  • Customer feedback (comments and ratings)
  • Subscriptions

Ok, so a bit of a bummer for some of you. It couldn’t be helped as we felt this release is about getting our ducks in a row before adding support for these bigger features. The silver lining is that with Shopp 1.1, we hope to accellerate our feature development process so it doesn’t take another year to get them rolled out. We hope to have them rolled out in Shopp 1.2 later this year.

Now onto what’s really cooking. It’s a bit of a lengthy read, but I hope you can find the bits important to you and get as excited as we are about the new possibilities they create. If you’re more of the geeky coder type, the last section has all the juicy under-the-hood details. Deep breath… here we go:

Admin Interfaces

  • Subtle UI improvements have been made through the Shopp admin, including a fix to the Shopp menu behavior collapsing when in the editors.
  • The order management interface just got a whole lot nicer with a customizable layout, more detailed information, support for private notes and hooks for adding custom UI for custom order data.
  • The auto-update system has been replaced with a more seamless plugin update experience that includes better notification of new releases and a more reliable update process.

Checkout Improvements

  • Tax will no longer be auto-calculated on the base of operations when no shipping location is available.
  • A new “thank you” page (and template) ends the transaction experience. It wraps around the order receipt to provide an opportunity for further instructions based on the order. This is especially important in new situations where the order may be created without the payment being completed.
  • A printer-friendly stylesheet has been added to isolate receipts when a page with a receipt is printed.
  • Improved the checkout form validator with overridable filter hooks for every single requirement check.

Asset Storage Engines

The asset system encompasses how Shopp handles product multimedia assets such as images and product downloads. In 1.1 it has been completely rebuilt.

  • Built on top of modular storage engine system for ultimate scalability. This allows for pluggable storage engines to be developed for other third-party cloud or private storage systems.
  • Created database and file system storage in the core.
  • Developed an Amazon S3 storage engine for add-on.

New Imaging System

  • A completely re-invented approach to handling product images.
  • A new image server bypasses the WordPress overhead to deliver Shopp-images as fast as possible with as little resources as possible.
  • Ditched the image size types and moved to a completely on-the-fly image resizing approach with cache support.
  • Images can take full advantage of the new asset storage engines


  • The promotion editor interface has been improved to clarify how to use it
  • Added the ability to assign promotional discounts directly to specific items in the cart as opposed to discounts to the entire cart as we had previously
  • Added new properties for matching against

Catalog Improvements

  • We’ve added built-in support for rendering a category slideshow via the shopp(‘category’,’slideshow’) tag.
  • And the shopp(‘category’,’carousel’) tag renders a new infinite scrolling product slider element.
  • Switched modal image viewer from Thickbox to the more modern Colorbox.
  • Improved the search engine to include all extended product information (tags, categories, spec details, etc.), keyword stemming, best bet matching and price matching.


  • A ground-up approach to payment gateways provides a more stable, flexible, and less complex development framework for creating new gateways.
  • Every gateway has been rewritten for the new approach (that’s still a lot of work by the way).
  • Added a new Offline Payment gateway to be included in the core for handling payments like bank transfers and cash-on-delivery.
  • Designed an innovative approach for a Manual Processing gateway add-on that provides completely secure yet seamless access to sensitive payment information.
  • Added SagePay payment gateway for onsite checkout as an add-on option with more in the works that will be announced later.
  • Improved PayPal Standard with secure PDT support on top of existing IPN support.


  • Refactored the shipping calculation system.
  • Added third-party service branding for better recognition in the admin.
  • Completed a ShipWire add-on that implements all of the ShipWire APIs (we’re still looking for willing beta testers for this in case you’re interested).

Geeky Under-the-hood Details

  • New setting interface rendering library to consolidate the setting behaviors for the gateway, shipping and storage modules to a uniform library – less complexity and faster loads trading off a little flexibility.
  • Transitioned code to utilize new utilities available in WordPress 2.8.
  • Totally new application flow control subsystems to better facilitate and organize object-to-object communication.
  • Implemented WordPress roles and capabilities specific to Shopp
  • Added tons of inline documentation to the code utilizing the PHPDoc format that can be helpful both in learning the platform and writing Shopp code helpers in IDEs.
  • Switch Shopp to utilize wp_mail() for sending email (provides enhanced compatibility with more server platforms and other plugins)
  • New configurable macros to tweak low-level functionality.
  • New Customer tags (has-account, wpuser-created).
  • New Purchase tags (txnid, hasdownloads, paid, notpaid, payment).
  • Shopp templates are automagically translated into active language during theme template install process.
  • Normalized file system paths for better multi-platform behavior (such as IIS compatibility).

The implications for these features is far greater than anything that can be expressed here. Suffice it to say Shopp 1.1 will be a landmark release. With all the architectural work, one wonders why we aren’t jumping to call it 2.0? Despite the amount of redesign work, there is a lot more to go that we’d like to tackle in strategically byte-sized chunks to fulfill an even bigger-picture strategy that will be revealed in time. So to dovetail on the earlier list of planned features not included in this release, there are other systems that those features will rely on that are not part of the work in this release. That may be of small comfort when you want or need them now for your project. Unfortunately, we choose to stay the course.

Our philosphy is to take the time to do it well. It is better to build a tool that works than tout a list of features that really don’t.  With that in mind, we’re starting a new initiative to invite more participation from the larger community of savvy developers that use the Shopp platform regularly. For those that have purchased a developer key, your key will provide access to pre-release “bleeding-edge” versions of Shopp starting with Shopp 1.1. As we get closer to getting Shopp 1.1 ready for testing, a new option will become available to developer key holders in the Shopp Store account page that will give access to downloading the pre-release version of the Shopp core and of the purchased add-ons that are available in pre-release form.  After installing the pre-release version of Shopp, you’ll be able to use the auto-update system to stay up-to-date.  Along with that, we’ve opened up our bug tracker so that the Shopp community has means to identify and report issues that they run into.  This means we’ll likely be dealing with more noise in our tracker, but feel it is better to deal with that than not discover an issue that needs fixed for everyone.  To report a bug, jump over to our bug tracker and register your profile and create a ticket.  Be sure to follow the bug reporting guidelines outlined there.  Shopp 1.1 is nearing feature freeze next week, and should show up for testing to developer key holders shortly after.  We look forward to using this new channel for working with the community to build a better platform for everyone.

As always, thanks for choosing the Shopp platform.  We hope you get a sense for the kind of value we’re trying to provide through our unique distribution model.  Your key purchases make this sort of development possible and we are forever grateful to be part of the project.  We want our community to feel part of the project too, and that’s where these new channels for feedback come into play.

So, with this deluge of information about what’s coming in the development pipeline, we’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback about the direction we’re headed in.  So, if you’ve still got some time, leave a note and let us know what you’re thinking.

  1. This all sounds great, it is unfortunate that a couple of the features you mention not making didn’t get in but if it means better support for them in the future and a more stable platform now I don’t see how that is a problem.

    It is already a great system but it makes me even happier that you are thinking in terms of the long term instead of trying to cram everything we request. Good job guys!

    March 9th   #

  2. Thanks for all the hard work guys. I would love to be able to use the plug in as a point of sales for events and other offline things. Based on what you have said, it sounds like that might happen soon.

    If you are reading this and thinking should i use this plug in? there going to be changing how it works soon…. Just do it. This is the best e-commerce plug in there is. In fact we will convert a whole site to wordpress just to use this plug in.

    March 9th   #

  3. Does the shopp search still break the wordpress search?

    March 9th   #

  4. Not in 1.1, it will require that you either use a new Shopp search widget, or use the shopp(‘catalog’,’search’) tag to force a catalog search.

    March 9th   #

  5. Seems really really good, especially offsite paiements and wp mail, two huge features for me… Keep on going !

    March 9th   #

  6. Great information for us Shopp:ers! I’ve been following the 1.1 for some time in the SVN now and it’s looking good.

    March 9th   #

  7. Wow, it all looks wonderful. I agree that it would be nice to see some of the features above that were not included, but it is important to focus on the core of the program – which you guys have always done to create a stable environment. Shopp is my “core” cart for clients, and I look forward to offering 1.1 when it comes out.

    Thanks for the hard work, and looking forward to that pre-release version!!!

    March 9th   #

  8. Sounds good – seems like you’ve got a good head on your shoulders about rethinking how some things work first, rather than trying to rush and bolt on peripherals.

    I couldn’t really tell by reading the point about the data storage, but would this enable a mass-product import? I have a plan of attack based on some advice in the forum for importing my client’s 7,000+ products one feature/category database at a time, but if there was an easier way, I’d be a lot less nervous about it!

    The “hasaccount”, etc also brought up the client’s question of whether or not customers would be required to create an account. It’s not the top of his list, but a feature he had hoped for as well.

    I appreciate your hard work – this is my first foray into eCommerce, and all of my research pointed me to you. Looking forward to testing out 1.1!

    March 9th   #

  9. Derek, we have an import script written by Lee Tagg that might be of interest to you for 1.0.x. He’s still working out kinks, but he’s been wanting to post it to the Extras for everyone to begin using/playing with. We’d be glad to pass it along with Lee’s permission if you’re interested.

    As for the has-account tag, it really doesn’t have any effect if you aren’t using accounts. It’s only useful in the context of using Shopp accounts or WordPress integrated accounts.

    March 9th   #

  10. Very good, thanks for your reply. I would definitely like to check out the import script. There are some more odds and ends to tend to before we get to that stage of the site, so I have a little time to experiment with it. My email is:

    derek (At) derekprice (Dot Net)

    Take care.

    March 9th   #

  11. I’m wxcited to build with 1.1! How about backwards compatibility with 1.0? Will anything be unavailable? Furthermore, I had to write a couple classes that extend the core Category class to do the functionality I needed, and I needed to access members of the $Shopp global: are internals like these changed in 1.1?

    March 9th   #

  12. Good news indeed!
    Finally, an offsite payment gateway, but the question is, will 1.1 enable the possibillity to choose between different payment-methods (i.e having both the payson gateway and the offsite payment gateway enabled) in the checkout-screen….?

    March 9th   #

  13. From a data perspective, it will be completely backwards compatible which is why we chose a larger incremental refactoring than a complete rewrite. The staged approach provides everyone a migration path that although will be rocky for some will be smoother than making everyone start over. We tried to provide the APIs to keep people from noodling too much in the internals because we knew they’d be changing eventually. While we’ve preserved quite a bit, especially in the catalog, the cart/transaction process has a whole new set of internal paths.

    March 9th   #

  14. Great news! We’re currently developing a brand new website using Shopp. We’d love to integrate the possibilities into a custom made plugin we’re building right now for a customer. It has the option to book workshop dates and we’re figuring out as we speak if we can integrate Shopp as the payment tunnel for our out custom plugin.
    Besides that we’re trying to add some functions to Shopp as well. One of the things we’re trying to add without messing with the core is the ability to choose for each product or category which payment gateways need to be activated.The second thing we’re trying to add is the ability to link a product to a third party store by replacing the “Add to Cart” button by a link to the other store. The last thing we’re trying to add is the ability to notify suppliers automatically by sending them order tickets after a order has been completer. Our client got an other company handling and sending out some orders for them.

    We’re trying to add all this without hacking around in the Shopp core. Any hints before we’re continuing messing around in Shopp?

    Hope we can participate in the beta developers program soon too since we’re planning to launch this website end of April, time enough I think.


    March 9th   #

  15. Hi Jonathon, please don’t take this the wrong way but when you say “On the Horizon…” what do you mean? 1 month? 6 months? A year?

    As you are aware many people have bought the plugin but have not been able to use it for a variety of reason pertaining to ‘essential’ features that are currently missing. I guess the biggy would be an Offsite Payment gateway. This feature has been by far the largest topic in the support forum.

    I guess what I’m trying to say/ask is… should we really be excited or is this likely to drag on for another 6 months or more?

    There’s no question this plugin is good but until an Offsite Payment gateway is part of it then it’s just not worthy to many of us.



    March 9th   #

  16. @ Martijn, good to hear you’re thinking outside of the box. Some of what you mention shouldn’t be too difficult to manage. A per product payment gateway seems rather challenging especially given the limitations in the 1.0 architecture. 1.1 would certainly make it easier…

    @Pete, I don’t take offense. Everyone has different opinions as to what is “core” to an e-commerce solution and I suppose some of that is colored by the immediate need. When I set out to design Shopp, the primary “need” was online, automated credit card-based transactions. I’ve always said preparing Shopp for the masses was infinitely more difficult than my narrow needs in the beginning. Given that, 1.1 really delivers a much broader solution without sacrificing our established standards of ease-of-use. So, to answer your question, I feel you have cause to be rather excited as we are already mostly finished with feature development. We also have a site we are working on directly that will use 1.1 to get early production level testing (and fixes). We’d love to see it hit around the end of April, though mitigating circumstances (loads more issues than we can anticipate) could push that out further. As I mentioned in the article, those that have purchased a developer key will get access to the code much sooner (in say a week or so). Either way, you’re definitely not looking at 6 months.

    March 9th   #

  17. All sounds good – I’m especially looking forward to offsite payment.

    WordPress 3.0 is on the horizon. Is it safe to assume that Shopp 1.1 will be fully compatible with the latest version of WP?
    Thank you

    March 11th   #

  18. awesome! just one thing: no more hard coded text please! otherwise full translation is very messy! 🙂

    March 11th   #

  19. @Sara We are aiming for 3.0 compatibility. As 3.0 gets closer, we’ll have a better sense of what that will mean. I don’t know that we’ll attempt to take advantage of multi-site features this early in the game, but we’ll be investigating that too.

    @remi Feel free to let us know at the Help Desk (or bug tracker) if you find something that can’t be fully translated, and we can get it fixed before the next release.

    March 11th   #

  20. This is a great post and well thought out. I’m very impressed with Shopp and can see the care and craft by which you’re improving the product.

    March 11th   #

  21. Hi,

    Can you please email over the import script.

    Also, is it usable with 1.1 or do I need to install 1.0 import products and then upgrade to 1.1?


    March 11th   #

  22. Great news – really looking forward to working with it.

    March 12th   #

  23. Will there be any charge to upgrade to 1.1? I’m thinking about purchasing the cart…but may wait if there’s an upgrade fee.

    March 12th   #

  24. Very gutted subscriptions didn’t make it in 🙁

    @Paul, check out http://forums.shopplugin.net/topic/breaking-down-the-licenses

    When you purchase Shopp and the update key, you receive updates for the current major version for free. Meaning, if the current version is 1.0.7, you will receive updates for the entire 1.x family. When Shopp moves into the next major version, 2.x, there will be a discounted upgrade price to pay for all Shopp customers.

    March 13th   #

  25. Thanks Nick. That’s good news about updates.

    March 15th   #

  26. Jonathan, by Amazon S3 assetstorage engine, do you mean that the new version will support paying downloadable goods stored on the S3 platform?


    March 16th   #

  27. Yes Bob, the Amazon S3 storage engine will support storing/serving product images and product downloads (downloadable goods) on the S3 platform. In our tests, serving images has more overhead than its worth really, but for large downloads, you can’t be the performance and bandwidth savings.

    We have other storage engines on the road map now that will likely be released after 1.1 launches, so more news on that later.

    March 16th   #

  28. Nice, very nice. Thanks.

    March 16th   #

  29. I would love to use Shopp on a new clients site. When do you think this updated version will be ready for release?



    March 18th   #

  30. Are shortcodes going to work in product descriptions? 😀

    March 18th   #

  31. Will the upgrade to 1.1 be as seamless as 1.014 to 1.017 has been? My shopp is quite active and I can’t really afford to go off-line and 1.017 does nearly all I need so for that reason I am a trifle worried

    March 18th   #

  32. Will there be any way of having custom taxonomies and/or custom fields?

    March 18th   #

  33. I hope you get this out the door soon, and I hope it does what you say. At the moment we’re hanging in there with Shopp until we find something better – our experience with 1.017 can be explained like this: clearly your heads are in the right place but the whole thing currently feels like a beta. Let’s hope 1.1 is the “just works” production release.

    March 22nd   #

  34. wow… nice plugin. I love this one, I never see like this before.

    March 23rd   #

  35. @Martijn. Al the functions you mentioned I really like and it would be to see them integrated into the new system or as an add-on for the curent version?!

    March 23rd   #

  36. @Sakshin We’ll try to release our hacks and plugins as a separate product to plug into WordPress and Shopp. It’s also depending on the amount if things we can plug into Shopp. Hacks aren’t the best way, that’s why.

    March 24th   #

  37. Hi,
    I would love that import script as well! yoni (att) social-ink (dott) net

    March 24th   #

  38. I purchased 6 months ago and I’m still waiting to be able to use this shopp on my wordpress-mu site… are we about there yet?

    –3.0 wp basically is mu, so am I correct to assume that when 3.0 is released that I will for sure have no problem getting it to work?

    March 28th   #

  39. I am desperately waiting for 1.1 (dev version). Any further details? Three weeks ago you estimated a week until the dev release.
    Since the workaround for manual payments stopped working, my client is waiting for an update and is, of course, really pissed of. And I cannot switch to another solution as I have invested too much money, time and efforts into Shopp (and because I believe it is the best solution around anyway). So please guys, help us out here!

    March 31st   #

  40. Good job! I hope the update can be installed smoothly without much layout editing.

    I like the gateway updates. Hope that the Dutch payment (iDEAL) will work better. Manual payment is also nice!

    April 7th   #

  41. Hello,
    excited for the update but have a quick question…
    Will there be XML feed importing for products added in the new release? I saw that this was requested / said to be coming about a year ago but nothing since. I have a client wanting to use XML imports from their product supplier, but I dont know what to tell them to expect yet.
    Excited for Amazon integration, that would be a big boon.

    April 13th   #

  42. hi – is the import script mentioned above available anywhere?

    I have a few thousand products to add to a client’s site – not looking forward to that one!

    Any help greatly appreciated ( melissa (att) adput.co.uk )

    April 19th   #

  43. It all sounds great. The two most important features for me are the ability to provide secure digital downloads (mp3s and ebooks) and an ability for the Shopp to pass just in time product fulfillment information to Kunaki who does just in time CD/DVD production/shipping and order fulfillment so I don’t need to carry inventory. Finding a shopping cart product that does this impossible. There is a hole in the market here that you can fill and have droves more customers.
    Looking forward to the new releases.

    April 26th   #

  44. Hello, Could you email the import script please to yorkali(at)gmail.com? Also, anyone on this thread with any tips on proper implementation of the script?


    April 27th   #

  45. Well you’re updating this same page on Twitter but I don’t see anymore feedback on this page since the middle of March. But what the hey….I’ve already plunked down my money. What’s a few words typed in a comments box gonna hurt….

    I’d like to see improved functionality around variations of products. Other ecommerce software pkgs do this. I’ll give you an example…

    I buy a computer. There are only 10 in stock. The computer costs $1000. I’d like to upgrade the RAM for $250; I’d like to increase the harddrive for $500. I’d like a better graphics card for $300. All of these VARIATIONS add cost and value to my product. BUT THE STORE ONLY HAS 10 in their inventory…no matter how many or how few variations that can be offered…there are only 10.

    Now as far as I know, and i’ve asked several times, this can NOT be done with the current version of this plugin nor is this functionality being written into version 1.1

    That’s a shame because quite frankly, along with manual payments, this seems like an obvious feature to include into ANY ecommerce site that is worth paying for. I didn’t check this vital feature before purchasing and I regret that. THAT IS MY FAULT for not checking first. I just assumed.

    Consequently, I cannot use the plugin. I am a web designer and will need to be able to setup ecommerce sites for my clients. Unfortunately, I can’t really recommend this one to them…not going to recommend something I can’t even use myself.

    PLEASE CONSIDER adding this functionality as soon as possible. As of now, i’ll have to sign off and look elsewhere. I have found several that does this so I guess i’ll start there. I will check in every now and then to see if its been added.

    April 27th   #

  46. Any news on when the new release is coming!

    May 7th   #

  47. ditto

    May 11th   #

  48. me too! would love to know how close we are to a new set of wheels 🙂

    May 18th   #

  49. Really looking forward to this next release! I’ve got a handful of clients just waiting for some of these new features, most especially offline payments.

    I’ve been checking out the dev version, and I wish I had more time to help debug, but it’s coming along very nicely. Great job, guys.

    May 19th   #

  50. Thanks Steve, good to know those who are watching are seeing results.

    We definitely need developers who are checking out the bleeding-edge release to file bug reports: http://shopp.lighthouseapp.com/projects/47561/welcome

    We would love to make the end of May, but things are getting delayed by not having broad testing in niche use-cases that we can’t devise ourselves. We’d love to make this the most solid release yet, but we need the feedback. Even if its just confirmation that things are “just working”. Otherwise, solitary QA is going to push this release out another month (or so). If you’re a developer key holder and reading this, please login to your Shopp Store account, go to downloads, grab a copy of the bleeding-edge release and test! Report bugs! We’ll fix them!

    May 19th   #

  51. I’m glad to hear we aren’t far from seeing the new version. Is there any way you can set up a live site with the dev version and then those of us without developer licences can try things out and report any bugs / improvements ahead of the final version and maybe expedite it’s testing and release. Personally, I’m looking forward to a number of the new features but especially hoping the promotions module is more robust. I don’t use it any more since almost every time I have set up a code strange errors (reported but never fixed) crop up. I would also love to see it made easier to add live inventory reporting to a page – even better if it was in the dropdowns.

    May 21st   #

  52. Hello Jonathan, I was wondering if shopp will have the ability to turn off the “add to cart” and purchase function. I have a client that wants to list products and descriptions, but wants customers to call for the sale. Thank you. – Greg

    May 26th   #

  53. Any idea when version 1.1 gets released?

    June 3rd   #

  54. If possible, i’d like a little more detailed information on how this works:

    “Designed an innovative approach for a Manual Processing gateway add-on that provides completely secure yet seamless access to sensitive payment information.”

    June 4th   #

  55. Will 1.1 allow for different Title, Keywords and Description in the Category pages?

    Thanks for all your hard work.

    June 5th   #

  56. On the features page, it mentions that Event Sales are ‘Coming Soon’. Is this on the cards for 1.1, or will it remain on the to-do list?

    June 7th   #

  57. Looking for solutions to donations and recurring payments for e-way gateway.

    June 22nd   #

  58. Recurring payments are coming in 1.2. Donations are already supported in Shopp 1.0

    June 22nd   #

  59. Seems that 1.1 has been on the horizon since March, now its August. What is the timeline looking like now? I picked up the current version today looking forward to the features in 1.1… didn’t realize until now that its been in the works for 6 months. Not unhappy, Shopp is pretty awesome as it stands; 1.1 will be leaps above it.

    August 9th   #

  60. We want to create a donation product that allows the user to enter the amount they want to donate. Is there any way to do this?

    September 10th   #

  61. Hi I want to integrate shipwire with my shopplugin site ASAP, where do I sign up to beta test this on my own shop?

    October 10th   #

  62. Hi,

    About the updates, just for my client to know, what will be the costs per year to update shopp?
    And will it update automatically?


    November 11th   #

  63. @Mirjam

    There is no additional annual cost for the updates. Buying now provides Shopp 1.x updates. The plugin can be updates using the WordPress updater automatically, but it must be initiated by the WordPress admin.

    November 15th   #

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