Priority Support Available

There has been a lot of work brewing lately from the Shopp team. Today, a number of them have landed with more to come in the weeks ahead. Here’s a rundown of what’s happening in Shopp-land with support, Shopp 1.1 development and enhancements for developer key owners.

Priority Support

We’ve had many people asking for it for awhile and now we’ve finally delivered on it. In addition to the help our support team has been providing on the community forums and the official support through our Help Desk, we are now adding priority support options. There are times when you need help with Shopp and need it fast. Waiting a couple days for a “maybe” response just isn’t going to cut it. For these situations, we’ve added two priority support options: Priority Support and Escalated Support. Both provide prioritized support over the other regular support channels. Escalated Support escalates your issue directly to the top-tier support provided by the development team of Shopp.

To use priority support, purchase a priority support credit (priority or escalated). Then, when entering a new issue on the Help Desk, you’ll have the option to apply one priority or escalation support credit to your issue. Priority support credits have limited availability so that we can ensure there are enough support team resources to provide the best service possible.

With the addition of our new support offerings, we’re looking for more Shopp platform experts to join our team. We have a very generous compensation program for participating in either the free support channel or the priority support channel. If you’re interested in joining or just curious, make contact with us on the Help Desk and let us know you want to learn about becoming a support mod. We’ll introduce you to the program and just what you can earn.

Shopp 1.1 Bleeding-Edge

The Bleeding-Edge release of Shopp 1.1 is now available for Shopp owners that have purchased a Developer update key. The bleeding-edge release is currently at a very early preview state. If you’re going to have a go at it, be wary about upgrading from the production release of Shopp and take the appropriate precautions to backup your database and files before upgrading.

If you’ve purchased add-ons, the bleeding-edge version of those purchased add-ons will also be available for download and testing with Shopp 1.1. They won’t work with the production release (1.0.x branch) of Shopp, so you can only test them with the Shopp 1.1 bleeding-edge releases. We are also looking for developers that are interested in testing some of the new add-ons to be released with Shopp 1.1 including SagePay (payment gateway), ShipWire (shipping module) and Amazon S3 (storage module). If you’re interested in testing either of these add-ons, get in touch with us on the Help Desk and we’ll get you setup with access.

To access the bleeding edge releases, login to your Shopp Store account and access your “Downloads”.

Reporting Bleeding-Edge Bugs

If you are a developer with access to the bleeding-edge releases, we want to encourage you to use our bug tracker to report problems you run into. Issues with bleeding-edge releases will not be answered on the forums or the Help Desk, so filling out a bug report is the best way to get your issues resolved. Details for how to join and participate in reporting bugs is available on the bug tracker.


The bleeding-edge releases will be updated everyday so that you can be sure you’re getting the latest code. The auto-update in the bleeding-edge version will only update as version milestones are reached. This provides flexibility to those wanting more stable bleeding-edge releases than the nightlies.

Developer Forum

Lastly, we’ve added a developer forum that is only accessible by Shopp owners that have purchased a developer key. This provides a discussion space just for developers to share tips, tricks, and discuss the latest bleeding-edge releases.

Do you have any questions about anything we’ve announced today? Give us a shout in the comments…

  1. We’ve been eagerly waiting for this moment some time! Good work guys!

    April 1st   #

  2. Okay! So, there will be no 1.0.18 release?

    April 7th   #

  3. No, we will not be releasing 1.0.18. 1.0.17 is the end of the 1.0.x line.

    April 7th   #

  4. I’d love to buy some Priority Support but the fact is Shopp is useless to me until Manual Payments gets up and going. Looking forward to seeing 1.1 released soon. 🙂

    April 14th   #

  5. Is there an ETA on this yet? 🙂

    I feel like a kid on Christmas eve waiting for the sun to rise. lol

    Also – will there be an upgrade fee for this version?

    I have two customers with licenses at the 1.0.17 version and both are not working at the moment (paypal standard issues). I want to be able to give them a heads up on what to expect when we upgrade to the new version.

    Thanks a bunch and really looking forward to the new version!

    May 13th   #

  6. I too am having Paypal standard issues, and am waiting for the new version. My wife’s website is basically for window shopping right now until the new version comes out with hopefully paypal issues fixed.

    May 18th   #

  7. how much to have your support team install shopp on my site for me?

    Once set up..I think I can build out the store from there…

    Please advise..

    Would like this live by end of next week..


    May 27th   #

  8. Still no news about the multi-language issue. Is there some update about that? For me, I understand that its not a big deal for the American market. But for of the European market this is a great importance. Still, i really love this plugin but i hope some progression on this topic.

    June 7th   #

  9. Hi guys,

    We’re on the last leg of our beta phase, and we’ve paid for everything (SSL, eWay, the eWay plugin, and of course, Shopp), and now, when we switch the payment to “eWay”, the system never enters the checkout page. When we switch it back to testing mode, the checkout page works perfectly fine.

    Please help. We’re 99.9% ready for launching.

    June 12th   #

  10. XLCowBoy, we can’t really handle support requests in blog comments. Please contact our official support Help Desk and we’ll get you helped out.

    June 22nd   #

  11. Hey Guys,

    I am very interested in having integration with Shipwire. Any news of when this will be available? Also i have been seeing a lot of stuff on the net how the Shopp plugin conflicts with Mailchimps plugin. Any news on this? With Shipwire, Mailchimp and Shopp you are unstoppable 🙂



    July 10th   #

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