Release Candidate 1

Shopp has made release candidate status! Thank you to everyone who has helped get it this far. What a ride it has been!

Notice about auto-updating to the Release Candidate: If you are using the built-in auto-updating, please note that there will be an issue that pops up caused by the Test Mode gateway. You can avoid the issue altogether by removing it from your install before you auto-update.

The bug reports have been fantastic and are really helping to polish Shopp into an incredibly solid piece of software. Even before RC status, we’ve had live stores coming online, so that says something about the state of the project, and the strict quality being enforced to make sure things are stable and reliable. It also shows that Shopp is ready for prime-time use.

There are a lot of new tidbits in the Release Candidate, and here’s a brief rundown:

  • A new, more secure auto-update system is in place that now handles addon updates in addition to the core
  • A welcome screen has been added that shows up after each activation with some helpful reminders (it can be disabled)
  • Enhanced customization capability with new tags and tag options
  • Fixes to the product gallery to make it compatible in multiple product listing scenarios like categories
  • A huge amount of minor bug fixes (the largest amount in a single release so far)

Beta Keys

Beta testers, please be aware that your update keys will become invalid as soon as the final release ships. It won’t stop Shopp from working, but it will prevent further updates of Shopp through the auto-updater or the manual download page. I will be giving a free key to each beta tester that has been providing regular feedback, posting issues on the issue tracker, participating on the forums or working with me directly on issues. So please, if you have a beta key, participate! The whole benefit of getting in on the beta is the free key for the release version! Otherwise, you’ll be left with last version of Shopp before the release and you won’t have access to any of the cool updates planned for version 1.1!

Beta Program

Along those lines, the Beta Program will no longer be accepting new applications as the release is literally right around the corner. However, I am still looking for skilled developers who are willing to do quality testing on pre-releases for future updates. If you’re interested, please get in contact with me.

Language Translations

A lot of time has been poured into internationalization support and a new, updated language file is included in the release candidate. If you’re interested in creating a translation of Shopp, now is the perfect time to start. Touch base with me on the forums and I can direct you on how to get started.

Release Imminent

I don’t know the day and hour specifically, but the release is very, very close. Thanks to those of you that have been patiently waiting – I hope you find it’s been worth the wait. I can at least tell you that you’ll have Shopp to play with by sometime next year. Who knows, it might even show up as an early Christmas present!

More news soon. Thank you everyone!

  1. Very interested in Shopp for our webstore.

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