Release Candidate 2 Available

Release Candidate 2, like its predecessor, packs a hefty does of fixes as well as enhancements. It is highly recommended that beta testers with RC1 update to RC2 as this release includes transitionary work that will prepare your Shopp installs for the final release.

If you are using RC1 to try an auto-update to RC2, you’ll notice there is rather major bug in the auto-update system where checking for updates shows the available updates, but there is no button to install the updates. There is a workaround available. Simply deactivate your key, check for updates and install them. This bug does not exist in RC2.

As always, here’s the rundown of what’s changed in this release:

  • Fixed issues with loginname-based logins
  • Fixed an issue with attaching a pre-existing WP account to Shopp customer account information
  • Fixed number formatting problems in PayPal Pro
  • Fixed issues with IE7 being able to view admin screens (still requires JS debugging work)
  • Fixed issues with multi-menu product variations and disabled options in IE7
  • Corrected a problem with product downloads not being set when a product is added to the cart
  • Updated the purchased item download link to use the new global URI setting
  • Updated the subcategory list tag to use the new global URI setting
  • Enhanced the cart to allow for multiple product additions at the same time
  • Further enhanced the auto-update system
  • Removed deprecated category-product tags
  • Added credit card payment type preferences for all local checkout gateways
  • Added the ability to login with a login name in the checkout tags
  • Added new Purchase shopp() tags for more flexibility in the receipt
  • Added new shopp_download_keygen action hook
  • Added product-variation shopp() tags

If you are using your own custom Shopp theme templates, you’ll want to note that the removal of deprecated category-product tags means that if no products show up in your categories after updating, you’ll need to re-write or update your category template file. We’ll have detailed instructions in the Beta Team forum.

This will in all likelihood be the last pre-release version before the official release barring any critical flaws. The Shopp website is setup and ready to begin sales as soon as the final release is ready.

  1. I am new to blog marketing platforms. I am also relatively new to PHP. However, I have over 25 years of programming experience much of which has been with the C language series from C through C#.

    I am interested in your ecommerce solution as it seems to be more organized and thought out than WP-ecommerce (at least as far as the write-ups go).

    I would much rather spend any additional implementation time fulfilling my requirements as opposed to trying to figure out where the developer arbitrarily but some chunk of code.

    December 28th   #

  2. Thanks Steven! I like to think I’m trying to do a good job. It’s not perfect by any means, but I hope to get close. Unfortunately, the beta program is not accepting any new applicants prior to the official release as we are now in the final stretch.

    However, I am interested in experienced programmers to help me with pre-release version prior to public releases. So, if by chance once you try Shopp out and decide it is the platform you want to stick with, I’d love to have you on-board as part of the pre-release QA team.

    December 28th   #

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