Shiny New Payment Solutions for Shopp

The team has been busy putting their ecommerce expertise to work. We’ve got four new payment add ons available to help you get the most out of your Shopp-powered storefront. Here’s what’s on deck:

Realex Payments

Realex Payments is an onsite checkout system for UK merchants. Customers enter their credit cards directly on your website, so you’ll need SSL encryption and secure certificate to keep payment information safe.

The Realex Payments Global Iris platform is also taking over for HSBC Secure ePayments. So if you are using an HSBC merchant account, you’ll soon be transitioning to the Global Iris system. If you already bought a copy of HSBC Secure ePayments, don’t worry, your purchase now covers as a valid purchase of Realex Payments. You can update to Realex Payments as soon as you get your new account information.

Our Realex Payments integration fully supports 3D Secure transactions so you get extra protection from fraudulent orders.

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WorldPay Hosted

If you’re a UK merchant looking to reduce your PCI compliance burden, the WorldPay Hosted add-on for Shopp can help. WorldPay Hosted is a remote payment system where customers are redirected off of your website to complete their payment on the WorldPay secure payment site.

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Sage Pay Form

This is our second integration solution with Sage Pay. Our current Sage Pay integration is an onsite checkout solution. Sage Pay Form is the remote payment flavor where customers complete their payment on the Sage Pay secure checkout pages.

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Finally, a reliable South African payment solution is available for Shopp that supports the South African Rand. PayFast is a very popular offsite checkout system for South African merchants that supports Visa & Mastercard payments and instant electronic fund transfer payments.

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  1. Would like to see a Payline extension

    June 19th   #

  2. Great Work !!!

    October 17th   #

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