Shipping Labels for USPS with Endicia

One of the toughest challenges of running an online storefront is dealing with shipping. Today our team is announcing the release of a new WordPress plugin (not a Shopp addon) that makes shipping a bit easier by integrating with DYMO Endicia. Endicia is a service that allows you to buy and create your own postage-paid shipping labels. With the Endicia plugin for WordPress you can create shipping labels with pre-paid postage right from your Shopp order manager. No copying-and-pasting or address rekeying mistakes. Buy the Endicia plugin for WordPress for $50 from the Shopp Store.

Shipping is Hard!

Shipping is such a pain in e-commerce because it lumps a lot of different but related problems together. It starts with pricing which in it’s own right is a bundle of challenges with lots of variables. Accurate pricing for shipping has to factor the point of origin to the destination, weight, size, shape and value of the package, insurance options, delivery confirmation options, volume of shipments of the retailer. It gets complex fast.

Then you have to actually package and ship the goods. The workflow is involved and for most merchants, a manual operation. Usually it means a person has to get the box (possibly building it), arrange the packaging materials, the product, print a shipping manifest and the address label. Then the package is picked up by routine service or dropped off at the shipping service provider where postage/shipping is paid for. Finally, the order needs updated to tell everyone else it’s been processed. That’s a lot of different, time consuming and tedious steps.

Endicia Makes Shipping Easier

The Endicia plugin for WordPress integrates directly with your Shopp e-commerce storefront so you can buy postage and create shipping labels right from the WordPress Admin in the Shopp order manager. It can’t pack your goods for you, but it can streamline the process and cut out a lot of those steps. Endicia makes it easy to buy postage with just a click so you always have enough on hand. As orders come in that need shipped they collect in the Endicia Shipping screen so you’re only working on the orders that need shipped.

From the Endicia Shipping manager, the process is simple. Click an order and select the shipping service and shipment details. With the click of a button the shipping address for the order is verified and copied to the label with postage encoded and deducted from your available balance. The final label is created as PDF to make it easy to adjust for different printers and pre-made label stickers. Plus, a tracking number is automatically generated and fires off a shipment notification to your customer in one step. Automation is a beautiful thing.

Instead of tedious copying and pasting to the USPS website to create labels, you can do everything right from WordPress. The integration with Shopp is all so seamless. It takes advantage of Shopp’s unique order event history log. When you create a new label for an order, the label and the shipment tracking number are logged as order events in the history. That makes it easy to go back and re-print a shipping label if something messed up on your printer or if you want to go back to an old order to see when the shipment notification was sent to the customer.

The Endicia plugin only works for USPS shipping services for merchants shipping from the US and using the US postal service for shipments. It supports both domestic shipping and International shipping and nearly all of the USPS shipping services, like Priority Mail and Express Mail.

If you’re a US merchant using Shopp and the USPS, the Endicia plugin for WordPress gets you 5 steps closer to shipment bliss.

Endicia for Shopp

It’s easy to get Endicia added to your Shopp-powered WordPress e-commerce storefront. To get started you’ll need to buy a copy of the Endicia plugin. It’s available from the Shopp Store for $50. Download and install the plugin into WordPress.

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From there, you’ll want to signup for your Endicia account. Endicia charges $15 per month for an service account and you will need to buy postage to fill up your account balance as well.

Sign-up for Endicia

Once you’re signed up, you’ll need to activate your account in the plugin by changing your temporary pass phrase to a permanent one. Then you’re ready to begin shipping orders!

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