Shopp 1.0.7 Lands!

The wait is over! Shopp 1.0.7 is here to fill some big expectations and there is a lot to be happy about. The update focuses on bug fixes to stabilize the branch before tackling some of the architectural overhaul coming in 1.1. In all over 200+ fixes, changes and enhancements were made to this version making it the most substantial release ever.

Although bug fixes were the top priority, a few new features did make it in:

  • PayPal Website Payments Standard Introducing a dead-simple payment system allowing customers to pay by credit card, bank account (with or without a PayPal account) or PayPal account balance. PayPal Website Payments Standard is now included in the core of Shopp as a built-in gateway system at no extra cost!
  • 2Checkout We’re also very pleased to introduce support for 2Checkout a truly international payment system also included into the core of Shopp. Again, no additional charge! 2Checkout provides an instant setup payment processing service with no term contracts and state-of-the-art fraud detection.
  • Customer Management The new customer management features include customer filtering by date, export functionality and customer account information editing
  • Improved Order Export Order export supports Tab-delimitted, CSV, Microsoft Excel and now QuickBooks IIF
  • Optimized Workflow Don’t you hate editing products with hundreds of variations? Β The new link variations feature allows you to link all the inputs of each pricing variation to make updating prices or inventory quick and painless!
  • Enhanced Inventory A new low inventory setting allows you to set a threshold that will trigger inventory warnings when your stock levels get too low. Additionally, in the products manager you can now filter products by inventory levels.
  • Improved APIs This version is packed with new action hooks and filters along with new shopp() tags and tag options to make your customization even easier and more flexible than ever before.
  • Internationalization Audit We also conducted an exhaustive audit of untranslated strings to make Shopp completely translatable.

The bug fixes, as you might imagine, are too numerous to go into here. If you’re the curious type or into that sort of thing, you can take a look at the entire 1.0.7 changelog.

In an effort to find as many bugs as possible, we held a bug bash contest amongst the Beta Team. The winner of the contest was A. Hassis (aka parse_ on the forums). Good work parse_!! And sincere thanks to the entire beta team that participated in bug squashing for this release.

Beyond just bug fixes, nearly every subsystem in Shopp received some TLC. One in particular is the considerably improved insulation of Shopp’s JavaScript behaviors that should all but eliminate JavaScript-based plugin conflicts. Session handling has also been improved so that plugins that start sessions properly, can be run alongside Shopp without issue.

To update Shopp to 1.0.7, use the auto-update feature available under Shopp β†’ Settings β†’ Update. Be sure your key is activated, and check for the new update. Then simply follow the onscreen instructions. If you need to do a manual update, login to your account and download the update manually from your download locker. Be sure to deactivate your existing Shopp plugin before uploading the new version. Once all the files are updated, simply re-activate Shopp.

Thank you to the entire Shopp community for choosing it as your e-commerce development platform. We hope you enjoy using Shopp as much as we have enjoyed building it!

  1. Great release imo, and thanks for the ego-boost πŸ˜‰

    August 14th   #

  2. I am logged in, were is my download locker at?

    August 14th   #

  3. Hmm. Nevermind manual payments and that PP-POS (not piece of… point of sale, hehe).

    I just discovered 2CO now and … no monthly fees! Bookmarking for right before launch. πŸ˜‰ (Yeah they say it’s quick.)

    Thanks for this. πŸ™‚

    August 14th   #

  4. Wow, now shopp is a real option to me, thanks. i will lock no further

    August 19th   #

  5. Shopp is a great plugin for WordPress, is there any chance you would consider export for MYOB in the next release?

    September 14th   #

  6. I’ll have to investigate and get back with you. Doubtful that it will make it into the next release though. The next release focuses on API enhancements and bug fixes.

    September 16th   #

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