Shopp is available now.

It is a security release for all previous Shopp versions. The release addresses a security vulnerability related to catalog searches.

The issue was discovered with automated security scans reported to us from an individual in our community.

We urge you to update to promptly, especially if you use Shopp accounts integrated with WordPress users in combination with the Shopp search widget or the shopp('catalog','search') Theme API template tag.

If you run custom add ons or have modified official Shopp add ons, be sure to backup your modifications before updating.

For Shopp access key owners, download manually from your Shopp Store Account Dashboard or from your WordPress/Shopp website (with an activated Shopp access key) from the WordPress AdminPlugins manager.

  1. Please indicate which files changed from version 1.1.9 to

    Is there a change log posted somewhere?

    January 5th   #

  2. The only change made was to address the security issue. The affected code consists of the addition of a single function call.

    January 5th   #

  3. As this is a security update, you guys really need to get the word out, either through Twitter or setup an RSS feed that people can subscribe to. The only way I heard about this update was through WPCandy’s RSS feed. Just my 2 cents 🙂

    January 5th   #

  4. Hi! Thanks for the update! But….what about my langage files? I put them back in the folder /wp-content/plugins/shopp/lang, but nothing is translated…(to Dutch), so it’s not like it use to be. Any tips?

    January 9th   #

  5. The automatic update has failed (as usual), where is version on the dashboard? Do I just download the core files again?

    January 9th   #

  6. So it’s been 6 months since posting about Shopp 1.2 coming… Any update on that?

    January 17th   #

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