Shopp 1.1 Pre-Release

Today, Shopp 1.1 hits “release candidate” status and with it, we’re providing a pre-release version to all of our Shopp customers.

All Shopp key owners now have access to download the pre-release version of 1.1 from their Shopp Store account. If you happened to have picked up a developer key (or upgraded to a developer key) you’ll have access to both pre-release downloads and bleeding-edge releases. The bleeding-edge releases are still updated every morning at around 3am (Eastern Time – GMT-4). The pre-release downloads will only be updated as we reach release milestones (RC1, RC2, RC3, etc).  The pre-release channel will remain more stable than the nightly updates, but the bleeding-edge nightlies will have all the latest fixes.

To get your copy, login to your Shopp Store account and access it from the “Pre-Releases” menu option. You’ll have access to the pre-release Shopp 1.1 plugin core as well as 1.1-compatible updates for any add-ons you may have purchased.  We also have a handful of new add-ons for 1.1 that have limited testing slots for (SagePay, Manual Processing, AusPost, ShipWire & AmazonS3).  We’ll be posting how to get involved in testing those add-ons through an announcement in the forums (you need to be a customer for access).

Upgrading to 1.1

We’ve worked hard to make upgrading to 1.1 as easy as possible. Still, remember that this is pre-release software and is expected to still have some issues as we finish our quality testing process. With that in mind you should take normal precautions to protect your data, most important of which is backing up your database. If you don’t know how to back up your database, you might look for some backup plugins for WordPress. We highly recommend BackupBuddy from the PluginBuddy crew at IThemes.

Once your Backups are in place, deactivate Shopp 1.0 and move the 1.1 files into place. Automatic upgrades from 1.0 to the 1.1 pre-release is not supported. The pre-release will, however, easily auto-upgrade to the official release when it becomes available.

Upgrade Issues

There are a number of new storefront changes that may affect certain Shopp setups. It’s important to review what issues may affect you so that you can upgrade the template files if you need certain features available in 1.1. A full list of known issues upgrading to 1.1 is being put together on the official documentation wiki.

Reporting Bugs

For some time now we’ve been running an open bug tracker where any one can report issues they’re running into. We hope everyone using the pre-release will participate in reporting bugs regardless of your level of expertise. Even if it’s just to report something you think might be a problem, we’d rather know about it than miss it.

Before you report bugs keep in mind some of the following guidelines and review the full Shopp bug reporting guide for details:

  • Report one issue per ticket
  • Search the tickets first to avoid duplicates
  • Provide all relevant details (versions of Shopp, WordPress, Server OS, PHP, MySQL, web server, web browser used, etc)

Official Release

A lot of people have joined the bug reporting community and as a result we’ve already closed out hundreds of bugs.  Most of the bugs getting reported now are minor, environment specific or otherwise niche bugs.

Things have stabilized so well, we’ve been running 1.1 on for about a month now and have only encountered a handful of bumps along the road.  With the state of the codebase today, we’re announcing an official release date for Shopp 1.1 (and all 1.1 compatible add-ons) on August 30th, 2010.


So now that you have a preview to play with, let us know what you love, what you could live without, what you really wish had made it in…  What are you most excited about in Shopp 1.1?

  1. Congratulations on the RC!

    August 9th   #

  2. Great. Let the show begin! Well done 🙂

    August 9th   #

  3. So let continue to iron out those little buggers to get a crazy easy product available for everybody!!!

    Everybody if you want a better product don’t forget to issue tickets at the bug tracker 🙂

    August 9th   #

  4. Awesome! 🙂

    Btw, the upgrade errors page-link leads to the Documentation index page (page-title is Error).

    August 10th   #

  5. Are you saying Manual Payments (the most discussed topic in the forum) is only going to be made available as an add-on and not the the core Shopp plugin?

    August 10th   #

  6. @Pete, Manual Processing (payments processed through a credit card terminal) is an add-on. Offline Payments (for bank transfers and C.O.D. payments) is distributed in the core.

    The Manual Processing payment module is an add-on due to the amount of costly R&D we did to make it completely seamless, but completely secure. It uses no third-party services (like emailing part of the CC to a secure email service) to achieve the security. The card is encrypted and only accessible by the merchant through 128-bit encryption. While the CC number is encrypted on the web server, it is only readable by a private key only available to the merchant. The merchant doesn’t have to really do anything with the private key, it’s all automated. They can simply login to their admin, pull up an order and click the CC field to reveal the full CC number right in the order manager. It’s so seamless, there’s almost nothing to it and as you may be aware, the simplest things are often the most complex to build.

    August 10th   #

  7. Thanks Jon… really looking forward to testing the bank transfer system 🙂

    August 10th   #

  8. When will the manual processing payment module be available as an addon?

    August 12th   #

  9. It will be released with Shopp 1.1 on August 30th, 2010. If you’d like to participate in early testing contact us on the Help Desk.

    August 12th   #

  10. Is there anywhere we can go to see a list of new features in 1.1?

    August 13th   #

  11. The “On the Horizon…” post still has the most comprehensive list of new features (so far). We’ll have a comprehensive on the official documentation. The documentation wiki is being updated for 1.1 throughout the pre-release process, so look for more and more 1.1 information there.

    August 13th   #

  12. @Erik, @Jonathan Davis: Hey guys, how is the Manual Processing Payment Module diffrent than the off-line payment currently available at the Shopp 1.1 RC?

    August 14th   #

  13. Offline Payments is for taking and processing any manner of payment without any online exchange of customer payment information (C.O.D., bank transfer, etc). Manual Processing is for taking a credit card (securely) over your website with secured storage on the server, and secured access to the credit card information for the merchant to run the card manually through a credit card terminal.

    August 16th   #

  14. Will the 1.1 plugin add support for any of the popular multilingual plugins?

    August 16th   #

  15. No it will not make it in 1.1. Look for it in 1.2 though.

    August 17th   #

  16. Congratulations everyone. I’ll wait until the official release and allow you all to do the testing 🙂
    Thanks for that!

    August 17th   #

  17. @Erik, @Jonathan Davis:

    I am shopping for a Shopping Cart and have two pre-sales questions.

    Does the the following from the “On the Horizon” post mean that we will be able to do pre-orders? If the payment isn’t received when the product is ordered then how would it be received once the product was ready to ship?

    “A new “thank you” page (and template) ends the transaction experience. It wraps around the order receipt to provide an opportunity for further instructions based on the order. This is especially important in new situations where the order may be created without the payment being completed.” uses your shopping cart and does a nice job with it. Is the zoom function they use part of the your program or will I have to do some extra coding?

    Thank you very much!

    August 19th   #

  18. That’s great news we are looking forward to check it out.

    August 20th   #

  19. @Jonathan Davis:

    I see you’ve got a support ticket for ‘Support PayPal PayFlow Pro’ as part of your planned ‘1.1 Add-on Releases’. Do you have an expected release date for this enhancement? I’ve got a beta version of a site built with shopp that will go live in the next few weeks, and I’d like to hook it into our existing PayFlow Pro gateway, since the transaction fees are cheaper than paypal’s website payments pro option.

    If you’re not planning to publish this enhancement soon, do you think this is something that I could workaround by making the API call to PayFlow directly from PHP somehow?

    Thanks for your consideration – and a great plug-in!

    September 1st   #

  20. Have to go back to old version, 1.1 is totally unusable for me. Cant even add a new product. I have disabled all my other plugins, still no luck 🙁

    September 2nd   #

  21. The latest release is a bit buggy. I have 2 site launches on hold for several weeks due to these issues. Any ETA on the release of an update?

    October 14th   #

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