Shopp 1.2.4 Maintenance Release

We’ve just released the Shopp 1.2.4 update with fixes for a small set of issues identified since the 1.2.3 release.

See our Shopp 1.2.3 Maintenance Release announcement for details on the improvements in 1.2.3. You can also read about the new features and improvements introduced in version 1.2 in our Shopp 1.2 Released announcement.

This release includes a performance improvement that reduces the memory usage of Shopp especially in cases where many products are used in a single view or an extensive Developer API operation.

Also note that an issue in some Shopp 1.2 and 1.2.1 installs prevents the activated key from being sent to the update server. This makes Shopp updates inside of WordPress impossible. A manual download and re-upload of the update is required when automatic update fails.

You can upgrade to 1.2.3 manually by downloading from your Shopp Store Account dashboard under the Downloads menu. If you are running Shopp 1.1.x or Shopp 1.2.2 with a valid support key activated on your Shopp install, you can upgrade through your WordPress Admin in the Plugins menu. For those running Shopp 1.1.x looking to upgrade to 1.2, be aware that 1.2 is a major update and as such you need to backup your website files and database before attempting to upgrade to 1.2.

1.2.3 Resolved Issues

  • Fixed memory leak occurring in the product content indexer caused by the add_action hook in the constructor; moved the action handler to the save() method of the Product class so it is only registered when needed Fixed a memory leak caused by wp_get_object_terms using object cache which clones taxonomy term data Fixed the AJAX response to fill the buffer being sent to the browser so more browsers can properly render the index progress [Bug #2038]
  • Fixed sort order for product price lines in the product editor [Bug #1920 & #1937]
  • Fixed product order by menu function for Shopp collections displayed on the WordPress page_on_front [Bug #817]
  • Fixed IIS index.php prefixed permalinks [Bug #1915]
  • Added data normalization to promo code input handling [Bug #1982]
  • Fixed Hungarian decimal value representation for proper tax percentage display [Bug #1987]
  • Fixed shipping rate calculations in PHP 5.4 by changing the ShippingModule interface (requires an update to the latest version of all shipping modules)
  • Updated core shipping calculators to the new PHP 5.4-compatible ShippingModule interface
  • Fixed tag collection page links especially when the collection is rendered from a shortcode [Bug #2039]
  • Fixed add-on download URLs
  • Fixed smart collection WP menu support
  • Fixed address record type when loading a ShippingAddress record or BillingAddress record [Bug #1941]
  • Fixed over 58 other smaller issues
  1. Here is a short upgrade guide with a video tutorial:

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