Shopp 1.2.7 Maintenance Update

Shopp version 1.2.7 has been published and is an important maintenance release for Shopp 1.2.

Shopp 1.2.6 was previously released and pulled when a critical flaw was discovered in order processing. Shopp 1.2.7 fixes this issue and also includes important security fixes.

This release includes an important security patch that fixes the SWFUpload distributed with Shopp to protect against XSS vulnerabilities. The Shopp 1.2.7 release is stongly encouraged for all Shopp 1.2 storefronts.

See our Shopp 1.2.4 Maintenance Release announcement for details on the improvements in 1.2.4. You can also read about the new features and improvements introduced in version 1.2 in our Shopp 1.2 Released announcement.

Also note that an issue in some Shopp 1.2 and 1.2.1 installs prevents the activated key from being sent to the update server. This makes Shopp updates inside of WordPress impossible. A manual download and re-upload of the update is required when automatic update fails.

You can upgrade to 1.2.7 manually by downloading from your Shopp Store Account dashboard under the Downloads menu. If you are running Shopp 1.1.x or Shopp 1.2.2 and higher with a valid support key activated on your Shopp install, you can upgrade through your WordPress Admin in the Plugins menu. For those running Shopp 1.1.x looking to upgrade to 1.2, be aware that 1.2 is a major update and as such you need to backup your website files and database before attempting to upgrade to 1.2.

1.2.7 Resolved Issues

  • Enhanced the shipping cost updates in checkout with dynamic updates
  • Fixed a regression introduced in 1.2.6 that would allow the free order processor to take over for every order
  • Fixed multiple XSS vulnerabilities and presentation bug in SWFUpload

1.2.6 Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a number of cosmetic compatibility issues with newer versions of WordPress
  • Fixed currency formatting for currencies that do not use decimal values
  • Minor improvements to shopp('cart.shipping-estimates'), shopp('product.quantity'), shopp('customer.billing-state'), and shopp('storefront.zoom-options')
  • Added to filter and action hooks to enhance flexibility including shopp_paypal_standard_form, shopp_product_set_exclude_taxes, shopp_product_set_processing and wp_delete_object_term_relationships
  • Fixed product modified dates to improve SEO when building sitemaps via SEO plugins
  • Fixed order exports with search filters
  • Fixed support for camelCase options in Colorbox options in shopp('storefront.zoom-options')
  • Fixed image resizing for images using image “fit” scaling
  • Fixed custom Shopp menus for the WordPress Menus editor
  • Fixed the Not Taxed handling in the product editor when using Shopp with inclusive taxes
  • Fixed random product ordering through the chaos sort method
  • Fixed low stock email notifications
  • Fixed rendering of multi-line custom inputs for products and custom checkout order data fields
  1. Here is a video tutorial on how to manually update from an old version of Shopp 1.2.x to 1.2.7:

    July 15th   #

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