Shopp 1.2 Is Coming

At long last we’re ready to take the wraps off the next generation of the Shopp project. This version of Shopp is an impressive feature release with something for everyone! We’re also announcing the new Shopp beta program and want to invite everyone in the Shopp community to take 1.2 for a test spin and provide feedback to get it production quality as quickly as possible.

Before we get to all of that, I want to take a moment to officially welcome Dave Kress to the Ingenesis Limited team as our new Shopp Support Lead. Dave’s been a part of the support team awhile now so many of you already know (and love) him. He joins the team with a the perfect mix of skills and experience for his new position. He has several years of experience in different technical support roles and has also served in several management roles. We couldn’t have hand picked a better team member. He’s already brought a lot of new ideas, fun and enthusiasm to our support team making the Shopp support experience among the best in our space. Congrats Dave and welcome aboard!

Shopp 1.2 Development

We laid out a lot of groundwork in Shopp 1.1 by solidifying our gateway and order processing architecture. Shopp 1.2 takes it so much further with engineering improvements across the board and a refactoring at a fundamental level. It’s been a winding road to get the 1.2 release where it is, but it’s definitely been worth it.

When we set out to start building the next version of Shopp we aimed to keep the scope small and focus on tackling subscriptions & memberships plus a few other assorted refactoring projects. That is not what happened. At all. We took the “Red Pill” and followed the white rabbit down a rabbit hole of research that took us through a twisty, bendy, zig-zaggy maze of system requirements. The process revealed a number limitations within the system that had to be fully addressed before we could even dream about adding subscriptions and memberships. So we went back to basics and did something we never expected to do at this stage of the project. We rebuilt Shopp to use WordPress custom post types and custom taxonomies. The hidden masterpiece in all of this is that Shopp’s core development systems were able to be adapted to wrap around WordPress objects without the need to gut the system and build from scratch. That means we get the best of both worlds… all the power, structure and flexibility within the WordPress platform with the ease of our development toolkit.

The ramifications of this change are monumental. Developers can take advantage of adding custom taxonomies to Shopp products and use standard WordPress API calls to get at core product information. Other WordPress Plugins designed to work for posts will now also work for Shopp products (think SEO or post/product ratings). Comments for products are essentially built-in. The list goes on and on…

As if that wasn’t worth it alone, we’ve even redesigned our entire query strategy to vastly improve the raw speed of Shopp’s catalog. We’ve gone to great lengths to make it as efficient as possible to load and process a tremendous amount of product data.

To take it even further we added WP Cache support to the catalog queries so that your object cache plugin of choice will boost the speed and scalability of your site as far as technically possible. Early estimates suggest that this will enable Shopp to efficiently handle a 50-100k product catalog with the right kind of hosting configuration (it should be obvious, but shared hosting won’t cut it at that scale).

If this sounds great it’s because it really, really is! But it doesn’t come without sacrifice. While Shopp will have subscription/recurring billing support in 1.2, the bad news is that membership support will have to wait. In the end it was just too much to tackle membership along with the custom post type integration with subscription support. On the bright side, we’ve already done the research and a good chunk of development has already been completed giving us a jump start on 1.3.

In any event, the new improvements in Shopp 1.2 don’t stop there. Here’s a rundown of the other areas of Shopp that got some TLC:

  • Script & Image Server Reliability The script server and image server both can be called directly without loading the whole WordPress environment, but in 1.1 we had a rather hack-ish albeit comprehensive solution for doing so. In 1.2 we do it the WordPress-way still only loading the barebones WordPress environment enough to get things done quickly but in a much more reliable way making these individual server scripts usable in more installations.
  • Collections Query Engine The collection query is really the core of Shopp’s overall performance. It takes complex requirements and has to efficiently find and load product information for display. In 1.2 we made magic improving query performance up to 9x faster than in Shopp 1.1. For the ultimate performance, we wrapped it in WP Cache support so that when Shopp is used with a cache plugin you get an incredible speed boost and much more efficient CPU and memory utilization.
  • Shopp Pages & Permalinks We ditched the preinstalled pages for completely virtual pages. No more accidentally deleting the Shopp pages and breaking the storefront. The new approach still retains flexibility allowing adjustments to the page title and permalink slug, but it guarantees your store always works. Additionally, caching plugins won’t cache the virtual pages, only the content within the pages so it keeps interactive pages working interactively like the cart and checkout pages.
  • Recently Viewed Smart Collection We added a Recently Viewed collection to collect the customer’s last 25 (or more) visited products so they can be displayed in a category-like listing. This provides a great way to keep “top of the mind” awareness to products that the customer has already expressed some interest in.
  • Recent Shoppers The recent shoppers widget allows you to display a list of masked shopper names (J. Doe from Springdale, OK). Why would you want to do that? It helps boost customer confidence to know that other people are placing orders through the site, improving conversion rates.
  • Progressive Enhancement Settings In this development cycle we’ve adapted a new interface design and development approach that lets us build a standard interface experience, and then enhance it using JavaScript to create a faster, more interactive experience. It’s not just about the eye-candy, it’s also practical. If the JavaScript environment is broken by some oddball issue in another plugin or the theme, Shopp’s interface will remain at least usable. This approach has primarily been implemented across all of the Shopp settings screens with some work in the order manager. We plan to expand this to the content editors in Shopp 1.3.
  • Payment Settings The payment settings has been completely redesigned using the progressive enhancement approach described above. It uses the WordPress list view to list the payment settings which provides a streamlined and simplified overview of the payment settings. The editor loads in place of the setting row and collapses back to the list row when saved.
  • Shipping Rate Settings The shipping rate settings were redesigned in a similar style to the new payment settings, but with an important distinction. All of the table rate shipping calculators have been completely redesigned to be more flexible and more powerful than ever. Instead of a set number of column rates for pre-determined destinations, you can setup table rates for any destination, even using postal codes to set shipping rates to very specific geographical zones. Even the Free Option (often used for free pickup options) can be specific to a local region.
  • Tax Settings The tax settings continue the trend using a consistent list manager interface for editing each individual setting. All of the power of that tax settings are still there, including conditional rules and locale support wrapped in a progressive enhancement interface.
  • Named Image Settings Perhaps the biggest criticism we heard when 1.1 launched was the removal of the image settings. We maintain that a plugin should have a very limited role role in presentation. As such, Shopp isn’t really designed to control layout, we believe that is the theme’s job and creating settings to control layout boxes designers in. Still images assets are something that Shopp has to manage, and it is here that the line blurs a bit. In 1.1 the image server allows you to specify – using code – exact image settings in the precise context that the image is being used in (thumbnail sizes on the category page, or giant banner images for product pages). Once the images are setup, the only way to adjust them is to adjust the options in code-laden template files. In 1.2 we’re introducing “named image settings”. You create a new image setting with all the image parameters set in the Shopp settings interface. Then the developer, when setting up the templates, can call an image using the name of the settings instead of including each individual image parameter. Developers can still use the individual settings in specific places where adjusting the image sizes can possibly break the layout. Then in areas where it is desirable, developers can offer store owners image control by setting up images in the templates that use a named setting. And, lest it is forgotten, the named image settings use the same list view progressively enhanced management interface as the payment, shipping and tax settings for ease and consistency.
  • Improved Order Management One of the key pieces to supporting subscriptions and recurring payments is to have a way to track the history of payments. We had to invent a whole new system that really redefines order management. With Shopp 1.2 we’ve added an order event system that we use internally to send commands to the payment gateways. Why is that important? Decoupling. Really it’s a fancy development term for reducing dependencies. For us, it’s programming nirvana. Gateways that have been developed to support the new order event system and that have API support for it will allow separate payment authorization and payment capture, combined authorization and capture (the only process Shopp 1.1 supports today) and refunds (full or partial) right from the Shopp order manager. As if that wasn’t enough, shipment tracking notices have been added that will send the customer an email notifying them of the shipments with package tracking links.
  • Plugin API Just one more thing to put it over the top…: Shopp 1.2 comes with a comprehensive Plugin API that provides a library of 80+ functions to get, set, and manipulate Shopp to do just about anything you can imagine programmatically. Using the API you can add a product to the shopping cart, or add new products to the catalog (nice for importers), update a Shopp setting or get a customer marketing list to pass on to a CRM system. The key is that the Plugin API provides developers a protected Shopp programming toolset without fearing that internal changes to Shopp’s architecture will break the API.

There are a myriad of other small jewels that add that little bit extra to complete the entire experience. But rather than spoil it all, we’ll leave those as a surprise when you try it out for yourself.

Beta Program

Shopp 1.2 hits feature freeze this weekend and that steps us into beta testing. We’re going to be kicking off our beta program for Shopp by running things a bit different from our past programs. This time any Shopp access key owner (developer and single-site) will get access to prerelease versions. Those with single-site access will be able to download a staged pre-release that we will update on a periodic basis as we reach certain stability points. Those with developer access to the project can of course download the bleeding-edge version updated every day at about 3am (Eastern).

We want to invite everyone in the Shopp community to take Shopp 1.2 out for a test spin. The more that participate, the faster we can clean up bugs, the sooner we’ll have a release candidate. Ideally we’d like to see a release in Septemeber, but we need help to make that goal happen.

The beta program for Shopp 1.2 relies on the feedback from testing. We will be introducing a number of ways to participate so you can be as involved as much or as little as you want. Even if you’re not a developer, or comfortable filing good bug reports, you can still test and provide feedback!

Watch for updates to your store account dashboard for prerelease downloads and access to all of the beta program resources. We’ll have more beta announcements and updates coming some time next week. Login to the Shopp forums and watch for official announcements in the coming days!

So lots of exciting things that we can’t wait to share with our community. With that we’d like to hear back from you. What are you most excited for in Shopp 1.2? Let us know in the comments!


Shopp 1.2 Beta 1 has been released and is available for Shopp developer and single-site access key owners. Login to your Shopp Store Account Dashboard to get started!

Update – September 26, 2011

A lot of progress has been made and while we are closing in on a release candidate, there is still a good amount of work to be done. We recognize that the timing of this release is crucial to everyone, but we’re not ready to commit everyone to the current state of 1.2. With that in mind, the timeframe we’re shooting for is now sometime around early December.

That said, no Shopp access key owner has to wait that long to start developing with 1.2 as a pre-release version is available for developer and single-site key owners. Just login to your Shopp Store Account Dashboard and select “Pre-Releases” or “Bleeding Edge” (only available for developer access key owners).

  1. That’s awesome. I can’t wait for all those changes to take place!

    Is this upgrade going to change the database? I have over 400 products in my store and I’m just afraid to upgrade in case something goes wrong: I don’t want to have to put all of the products back in!

    Is this upgrade going to change the theme?

    Keep on the great work Shopp! You’re still the best WP E-Commerce Plugin out there!

    July 6th   #

  2. Jean-Marc it will most certainly change the database. We’re working really hard to make the upgrade process as smooth as possible. We’ve got it narrowly working in a few known configurations, and throughout beta we hope to get access to more product catalog datasets to test against. Our intent is to make upgrading as flawless as possible given that everyone is using the system in very different ways.

    The upgrade doesn’t change the theme in the slightest. As I mentioned, Shopp doesn’t do much in the way of presentation control anyways and we’ve made the Theme API work in Shopp 1.2 the same way it always has although the code organization of it is completely different.

    Thanks for the kudos. We work hard to live up to that expectation!

    July 6th   #

  3. Hi,

    Things I’m excited about in this release is the subscription/recurring billing support.

    In particular I’m interested in improvements to the backend order management. I would be interested in being able to manage the database of orders and add notes, track orders and perform various functions including manipulating subsets of orders, printing receipts and shipping labels from the dashboard.

    The membership support is going to be very important when it arrives.

    Best of luck with this release.


    July 6th   #

  4. WOW, great work!… but…

    Ummm, this scares me to death. We just made our website live ( or and really need it to work flawlessly. We have had issues with SHOPP editing the .htaccess file and causing the images to not load. I think I’ll hang out for just a wee bit before I hit the BIG RED ‘UPDATE’ button. Can I get a hug along with some encouragement!?

    July 6th   #

  5. @Jean-Marc never, ever, ever update a live site! Duplicate your site on a sub domain such as that why when things go wrong, you don’t have to sweat 🙂

    July 6th   #

  6. Will the new permalink settings work with any of the sitemap plugins out there? This was a huge think I was hoping for

    July 6th   #

  7. What about the translation? and the wpml integration?

    July 7th   #

  8. Ha ha thanks Graham. hug We’ll make it as perfect as we possibly can.

    The .htaccess rule uses the separate script server in 1.1, so if images are loading its related to the the reliability problems mentioned in the post. That is fully addressed in 1.2.

    @Casey The new permalink settings just use standard custom post type mappings. So long as you’re using a site map plugin that is “custom post type”-aware it should work great.

    @dimitris WPML integration is on the table to get done. As most of it is fixes for our system so that it works with WPML URLs it is on the agenda for beta.

    July 7th   #

  9. So. I have shopp 1.0.17 running. Is there an upgrade path for me? I’ve delayed upgrading due to other projects.

    July 7th   #

  10. Scott, that will likely be problematic, but not impossible. I certainly would wait for 1.2 to stabilize in beta and maybe even a couple releases past final before attempting that (unless you want to do some testing on a staged test install with that dataset).

    July 7th   #

  11. Hi Jonathan,

    I’m keen to help out with beta testing the new 1.2 version without my new magazine website (due for launch in september). Is it possible to get a copy? (I’ve just purchased a 2nd license for this purpose).


    July 8th   #

  12. All of this sounds AMAZING!

    July 8th   #

  13. Sound really good! Finally Post-Type support! I’m waiting to test v1.2, looks promising.

    Any note on Multilingual support ? WPML ?

    July 9th   #

  14. How long will I have to wait to purchase the new version of the plugin for a new install?

    July 10th   #

  15. Hey guys – any word on in cart CURRENCY CONVERSIONS? Users should have ability to switch currencies so they can calculate in local currency. This is the ONLY thing preventing us from switching across to SHOPP.

    Great product – one feature missing!

    July 10th   #

  16. Very excited about this. Thank you guys so much at Shopp for taking it NEXT LEVEL. It’s so very needed!

    July 11th   #

  17. We do plan to complete our WPML integration with 1.2.

    July 11th   #

  18. @Flash Buddy: As mentioned in the post, we hope for a September release. That is pretty aggressive, but that is our current plan. That shouldn’t be construed as a promise, but rather a target goal.

    July 11th   #

  19. No currency conversions at this time. We’re researching solutions but I wouldn’t expect this feature at all in the 1.2 release.

    July 11th   #

  20. Thanks Caroline! We are working our butts off on it! We’re not working to make it impressive, we’re working to make it work for more and more people. Focusing on that is what makes everything we’ve done in 1.2 impressive IMHO.

    July 11th   #

  21. Would like to echo @Dave’s sentiments in regards to the need for currency conversion. @Jonathan perhaps in 1.3?

    With that said, it’s nice to see a big update, thank you for all the hard work.

    July 11th   #

  22. @Capn Jav: We’ll at least be considering it for 1.3. Ideally we’ll start on 1.3 as soon as 1.2 is released so that we can get a jump on things for 2012.

    July 11th   #

  23. Awesome news, but i don’t understand, does people with a single key can download the 1.2 beta ? Or it’s only for developers key ?

    July 12th   #

  24. What are you most excited for in Shopp 1.2?

    I like the ability to have ratings and comments against a product page. I like the improved SEO for each product.

    We just installed Shopp and did some cosmetic customization and were getting ready to input our tax and shipping tables when this announcement of 1.2 came out. Since we have only two products in the database at this moment, we’ve decided to hold off entering more data and go with the conversion to 1.2 first. We’re hopeful that the upgrade won’t delay our launch by too much (there is certainly a lot of other tasks in start-up to keep us busy). What 1.2 has to offer (what I can understand of it at the moment) certainly will be worth the delay.

    Thank you.

    July 12th   #

  25. @Francesco, yes the post mentions a staged beta will be available to those with single-site access.

    July 12th   #

  26. @Jonathan ok thank you so much do you have any eta for this ?

    July 12th   #

  27. Great news about the work towards 1.2! As a happy Shopp user and customer, it is very reassuring to know that you guys are continuing to develop the software.

    Here’s a question…. would it be possible to implement a link between the choice for “email marketing” with automatic subscription to a phplist mailing list database? I’m guessing this is best done as a plug-in for Shopp. I’m guessing that Shopp + WordPress + PHPlist is a common enough combination that it would be worthwhile developing a turn-key solution for those of us who are less tech savvy. Where’s the best forum to explore who, how and when this might get done?

    Also, for our store’s purposes, it would be really nice to be able to generate a REPORT at the end of the month with a list of the products that were actually sold during that month along with a tally of the number of that product sold. This is akin to @Michael Tingle’s requests for improved order management. Where is the best place to post or email such “wishes” for future development.

    Thanks again for the great work that you do.

    July 12th   #

  28. Hi Max! Yes an automatic subscription to a CRM system is best handled in an extra plugin specific to the CRM system planned to be integrated. We see lots of requests for MailChimp in particular. We’d love to spend time developing an end-to-end solution for this, but our core focus is transaction/store management related. We had been hopeful that other developers would take up the cause of developing these sorts of peripheral (but critical) business needs so that Shopp can stay focused at what Shopp is good at. It is unlikely that we will have an abundance of time to handle these peripheral needs right now as there are still lots of core pieces that need our attention first and foremost.

    One example of core work we feel is a priority is reporting. We’d love to have a well designed report system within Shopp. Reporting is very important to every store owner. Unfortunately we’ve run out of time in this dev cycle to do it justice. While there is some improvement, it’s not at a scale that we’re happy with, but we do have it high on our priority list to tackle in upcoming releases (1.3 or 1.4).

    Regarding feature requests, you can login to the community forums and find the Feature Request forum. Post a new feature request and then recruit others to vote for it! We do take a look at those and will be especially looking at them in the next dev cycle that is tentatively planned to start in Oct/Nov 2011.

    July 12th   #

  29. Great to hear about 1.2. Looking forward to beta testing it. Got some great projects lined up and I am looking forward to implementing Shopp for these.

    Did a file upload option make it to this version?


    July 12th   #

  30. Will 1.2 be a free upgrade ? if not, how long should we hold off purchasing before we qualify for the upgrade ?

    July 14th   #

  31. When will the 1.2 beta be available to Dev License owners?

    July 14th   #

  32. Yes, Shopp 1.2 will be a free upgrade!

    July 14th   #

  33. @Eric

    Yes. As mentioned in the post we hope to make staged pre-releases available to all Shopp access key owners, single-site and developer key owners.

    July 14th   #

  34. @Jonathan, when will this actually occur?

    I purchased a single license a few days ago with news of 1.2, but I am still unable to download a staged pre-release. One would assume given your mention of it both in comments and in the thread itself that it would already be available.

    I am anxious to jump into 1.2 on a new project (rather than wasting time with previous releases). Am I simply not looking in the right location? (I had a look around the forums and the documentation site to no avail).

    July 16th   #

  35. @Capn Jav: Just updated the post to announce the availability of the first beta. You can get started today!

    July 18th   #

  36. Just came across your website as i’m considering putting together my first shopping cart with WordPress and i obviously found it at the perfect time. I look forward to the release of 1.2 so i can use it

    July 18th   #

  37. We need an affiliate module!!! If you’re not going to do this, I might have to code an ugly one up.

    July 19th   #

  38. I really liked to see this part

    ” With Shopp 1.2 we’ve added an order event system that we use internally to send commands to the payment gateways. Why is that important? Decoupling. Really it’s a fancy development term for reducing dependencies. For us, it’s programming nirvana.”

    Will you document the usage of this part as well? Creating payment gateways has been a lot about digging through the code and guessing before. I managed to create one for a gateway that uses the pattern “post form to gateway, then post back to Shopp when approved”, but it always felt like I might not be doing things the right way. Better documentation and a clearer api that guides the developer through the transaction steps would be nice.

    July 19th   #

  39. Wow, I’m blown away! I’m sorry I didn’t read this until now but this is awesome news! Custom Post Types is a HUGE deal and will make such a positive difference in the long run. I’m so happy to hear that features were held back in order to redefine and restructure the core to make it better going forward. Congrats Shopp developers to making an already great product AWESOME!

    Thanks and I look forward to getting some time to dive into the beta soon.

    • Jonah
    July 23rd   #

  40. I’m really glad to hear about now using WordPress custom post types and such. That opens up so many possibilities using the tools in WordPress and probably reduces bugs because of using tried and true built-in functionality.

    How about customer accounts? Are they tied to normal user profiles in WordPress? It would be fantastic if they were.

    July 24th   #

  41. Very good news, any plans on implementing any importer function (that works) and is not dependant on 3rd party plugins? – for those who are going to import huge product databases?

    July 26th   #

  42. Maybe this is a dumb question, but since it’s more integrated into WP now, does that mean that new products come up like new posts would, and therefore inherently have better SEO? That’s sort of what I’ve been thinking about for a long time, and if that’s what’s happening, man oh man am I excited!

    July 28th   #

  43. Do you have a date set when the WPML should be finished? Or does it exict in the beta version?

    July 29th   #

  44. Awesome news. Congrats and thanks to the developers! Just started a project yesterday that will be using Shopp for eCommerce. Can anyone comment about the current stability of the beta? Wondering if it is stable enough to build a basic PayPal store with very few products, mostly document downloads. I know there are no guarantees, but if possible, I would like to build the site with Shopp 1.2. Thanks!

    August 4th   #

  45. Will I need SSL to test 1.2?

    August 9th   #

  46. another question is that, on installing the beta version on an old, unused domain, I get the “key not activated” message.

    Does this mean that I can install the beta version only on the domain I purchased the original key for?

    August 9th   #

  47. I was wandering if Shopp 1.2 will also feature the possibilty to create personalisable products? I need some feature that will give my customers the option to enter a name/text that will appear on their products. The only thing i found so far was the “Shopp improved” plugin which doesn’t seem to work. I would really love to see something like this in Shopp 1.2!

    Keep up the good work! Kind regards,

    Jasper,, The Netherlands

    August 12th   #

  48. I’m in the same boat as lori. Any additional remarks on the current stability of the beta version?

    August 12th   #

  49. Will this update affect changes we’ve made to custom theme template files? Such as image size changes, etc.?

    August 12th   #

  50. Eva,

    Jonathan has given several assurances that WPML support will be built into v1.2. Below are two of his last comments from early July. You can read them above. Lots of us waiting on this critical feature.

    Bear in mind that WPML will also need to do their bit when 1.2 ready. Hopefully timed to come with 1.2 formal release.


    July 7th: @dimitris WPML integration is on the table to get done. As most of it is fixes for our system so that it works with WPML URLs it is on the agenda for beta.

    July 11th: We do plan to complete our WPML integration with 1.2.

    August 16th   #

  51. @S. The stability is improved and Lori reported in the beta forum that beta 2 is working for her.

    August 17th   #

  52. @Tony If you’ve correctly setup templates in your theme, no it will not affect them. If you are using the built-in templates and made changes to those directly (a practice strongly discouraged) then it will replace those templates causing you to lose your changes. There hasn’t been much in the way of changes in the Theme APIs (template tags) so they should still work the way you expect from 1.1.

    August 17th   #

  53. Hi guys, where can I find the bleeding-edge downloads for the beta releases? (I just re-downloaded the file in the account dashboard and it must be an older version because the installation error is still occurring).


    August 30th   #

  54. Put some hooks in that allow store ops to write plugins that modify prices on the fly. Example: membership sites (using BP, S2 Member, etc) might want to offer discounts to members, but offer regular prices to non-members.

    Need some hooks to do that without modifying core Shopp code!

    September 5th   #

  55. “When we set out to start building the next version of Shopp we aimed to keep the scope small and focus on tackling subscriptions & memberships plus a few other assorted refactoring projects. That is not what happened. At all. We took the “Red Pill” and followed the white rabbit down a rabbit hole of research that took us through a twisty, bendy, zig-zaggy maze of system requirements. The process revealed a number limitations within the system that had to be fully addressed before we could even dream about adding subscriptions and memberships.”

    translation: you know those awesome features we’ve been promising for over a year? yeah, we aren’t even close to dream about implementing those.

    September 6th   #

  56. selling digital downloads only; can this plugin supper digital downloads of eBooks, music, pdf files and RAW or JPEG images?

    September 7th   #

  57. Hi,

    do you plan to release the 1.2 this month?

    September 8th   #

  58. @Timothy, Given the choice of implementing a laundry list of features by just throwing them in and working around a limited architecture and building new architecture to support the features in a scalable and maintainable way we choose the latter. Yes it takes longer, but in the end you get features that work more reliably and are less prone to breakage in the future. There are plenty of alternatives that claim to have features XYZ but only work in very limited circumstances. The job of all the e-commerce solutions is to build features that work for as many scenarios as possible. I like to believe (and some users may argue this point) that we do a good job most of the time for most needs. When we don’t it’s usually a niche need or a bug.

    September 12th   #

  59. Yes, Shopp supports digital downloads and does not impose any specific limitation on file type.

    September 12th   #

  60. Don, it’s really looking less and less likely. We’re not even at a release candidate state yet. We could push and clean up as much as we can, but given the level of beta participation and new ticket volume, I think the system has a lot of hidden issues that won’t be revealed until more are using it and providing feedback. As a result, it will take us longer to comb through the system in multi-variate ways to ensure complete coverage of the features we advertise.

    We could very well have a release candidate that will be all but ready way before holiday shopping really kicks off. Still we’d have to hold off till after the holidays.

    At this point everyone has access to the new version, but because of the extra steps to install, it is completely optional. That unfortunately means we get less feedback. As a result, beta work is slower. This being the case, official release is more an issue of a technicality and the support the Help Desk provides.

    September 12th   #

  61. will 1.2 provide for product level shipping parameters?

    Today 1.1.9 does not and I am having fits (actually I gave fits to @Lorenzo!) because, in part, USPS flat rate stuff does not specify small, medium or large flat rate box. It just defaults to medium. So, if I need to utilize large I must ad a fee in the edit product page and if I need to use small, then Imust make a custom “promotion” to subtract an amount. This all equals a kludge and really should at least have product dimensions, so the USPS addon can choose what sized box.

    Thanks. I am already profitable.

    September 12th   #

  62. Will we be getting an excel importer with this version? We really need this to be working so that we can add items easily. I have over 8000 items that I need to get into shopp. Please.. Please.. Get the importer working for 1.2 release and I guarantee that this will be the most widely used shopp on the planet..


    September 20th   #

  63. I am desperately in need of an update to the order search function. I need to be able to search by product name or SKU. Has 1.2 been updated to provide this feature?

    September 20th   #

  64. Will we see a “credit when shipped” option?

    September 21st   #

  65. This is perfect for me I am about to launch a brand new site in the coming months, I love that I can start with 1.2 Beta and work with it as the bugs fix so by the time I’m ready to launch 1.2 should be at Alpha!

    September 24th   #

  66. Is there any news about a possible release date? I’ve looked at the specs and v1.2 looks very promising!

    September 26th   #

  67. Hi Jonathan,

    Where can I find some detailed info on the new subscription functionality that is coming in Shopp 1.2?


    October 12th   #

  68. They said release date is tenatively sometime in December 2011.

    October 17th   #

  69. Hi Jonathan,

    I never used your plugin yet but i’m very interested to buy it when the new version will be available in December. I have two questions.. With your plugin on my site, will it possible for my customers to buy credits (i.e. 10 credits = $10) and then, they can spend their credits to buy one more many items on my Website? If yes, can they buy digital and tangible products on the same purchase?

    October 30th   #

  70. one or many items *


    October 30th   #

  71. What can we the community here do to help in getting the new version released sooner? All the upgrades and features that have been talked about are really needed. We have been making things work somewhat but with the new upgrades we wouldn’t have to customize some of the things we are doing now.

    Is there a possibility that the new version will be out soon?

    October 31st   #

  72. I’d like to +1 for the ability to add and report on affiliate codes in the checkout process. I want to give partners the means to identify customers they funneled to me without requiring it come through a web site.

    November 3rd   #

  73. Thanks a lot, the produkt is getting better and better!

    November 8th   #

  74. You should probably say Shopp 1.2 coming about two weeks before – not two months.

    November 13th   #

  75. This sounds very exciting!

    An issue I had with Shopp 1.1 was the search functionality. I couldn’t search for 3 or two letter words. I know you had a setting which could be changed with the web host but my web host would not allow changes to that settings. I really need to be able to search for 3 or two letter words and hope this new version fixes it.

    November 20th   #

  76. I am really exited about the loads of new features and improvements. I’m running 1.2 in a beta environment, and it is very very promising!

    There is however one big thing that has disappointed me a lot with the new version: the fixed virtual pages. I loved the opportunity to set template files to specific shop pages, which doesn’t seems to be possible in the latest releases. Only a page name and slug just doesn’t cut it! I need a way to develop my own theme files (now the page.php is being used), and attach them to a virtual page. I think a lot of people developing their own themes need this kind of flexibility. I don’t want to end up building checks in the catalog.php for displaying a sidebar or not.

    Keep up the good work!

    November 22nd   #

  77. I agree with Jurgen. Without being able to easily get away from ‘page.php’ Shopp is really not valuable to people who can’t fully hack the back end themselves. (i.e. 99%ers).

    Question: any update on the beta release date? 1.1 doesn’t even work on our site and we’re forced to go forward with our site launch with the Shopp beta. Please cross your fingers for us.

    November 23rd   #

  78. The absence of an affiliate link option is killing me. Please add this!

    November 27th   #

  79. So, any update on when it will be released? We’re supposed to launch 1 jan, would be nice to know if there will be some what stable version by then and go for 1.2 or should one go with the current release?

    November 28th   #

  80. Would really like to be able to add a customer on the back end without an order being generated and being able to edit individual items in an order (like deleting them when a customer orders and changes his mind, orders the wrong item, etc.)

    November 29th   #

  81. How will the normal transition to 1.2 occur for those of us currently using 1.1? I have tried out the new 1.2b6 on a new site and see that it looks great and that you have been working hard on improving the product (greatly appreciated!). I would like to upgrade my site but can’t see obviously how to upgrade and keep all the data? Is it that we need to wait until the official release for a smooth upgrade? Will the upgrade import the current product data structure into the post-type formats?

    November 30th   #

  82. Really looking forward to the new release – Any news on when it will be ready to unleash on the public? Has anyone used a Beta version live and are they any major issues ..?

    Thanks – Jack

    December 6th   #

  83. Its been 6 months since you announced v1.2 release candidate. When exactly is v1.2 slated for release to market? Some kind of update would be appreciated.

    December 7th   #

  84. So early december has come and gone whats the plan on 1.2 release?

    December 21st   #

  85. Please everyone look at my cart.

    1. Shipping: I am using weight and regions. On the cart screen, the shipping defaults to the Northeast region before it knows where the customer is from. For me the Northeast region is the most expensive region.

    2. Checkout Screen Issue 1: The billing/shipping address asks for 7 pieces of data. Name, Street Address, Address Line 2, City, State, Postal/Zip Code, and Country. Why are their only 6 fields to enter data into?

    3. Checkout Screen Issue 2: The cart collects Payment Information and asks the customer to Submit Order before showing the final grand total including actual shipping cost and sales tax. I would never submit payment information on a site before knowing the FULL grand total. Bottom line: I would NOT shop on my own site.

    4. Sales Tax: My web developer (a MCSE) and I have been unable to get the cart to properly calculate California Sales Tax including local sales tax rates. Also, a tax jurisdiction drop menu is present that NONE of my customers will utilize. Why isn’t the tax rate being pulled once the customer enters their zip code?

    I am dead in the water on my site until these things can be fixed. These are BASIC, cart 101, type things so WE must be doing something wrong on the integration end.

    Please help!!

    Mike Hammar USA Misters

    December 23rd   #

  86. I’ve been telling a customer to hold off redoing their site since this was announced way back in July, but it’ll be 2012 in 5 days. Can you please give us an update?

    December 24th   #

  87. Will the reporting function be improved? When does this launch?

    December 26th   #

  88. I’m with Gerard on this one. The ability to edit an already placed order like that on the back end would be great.

    Also, it would be nice if there was a way that someone could manually input an order in the backend just incase someone calls and orders on the phone or something.

    December 28th   #

  89. Any news about the release date? We’re starting a new project, that will make use of the custom taxonomies for products, and would like to know if we will have a stable release by the time we deploy the site (in about 2 months).

    Thank you!

    December 29th   #

  90. Currently Shopp v1.1 makes my WordPress install load in about 4.5 seconds compared with 0.8 seconds when Shopp is deactivated.

    I am really excited about the possible speed improvements in v1.2 and cannot wait to download the full release.

    January 2nd   #

  91. Any news about the release date? Only bought this plugin because of the new features that 1.2 will include was hoping to start on my shop site in dec but we are already on early jan…

    January 5th   #

  92. Really? Seems pretty bad form just to ignore all the requests for updates. Take 10 seconds and say it’s behind schedule and hopefully ready by x date. Not going to hold off my clients waiting for it at this point.

    Hello WP Commerce.

    January 7th   #

  93. Would you mind posting an update for the ETA on version 1.2? In September’s update you said it was looking like early December, but it’s now mid-January and I think a lot of us are anxious to know if there’s an adjusted date in mind. Thanks for all your hard work so far!

    January 13th   #

  94. Shopp 1.2 is in the second release “candidate” right now. We’re getting close enough to see the end of the cycle. If we don’t release this month, I’d be very surprised.


    January 16th   #

  95. Are there any additions to this new release for inventory handling? Like syncing a brick and mortar store’s inventory with the online inventory via a csv file? I might be dreaming, but that’s what I’m praying for! 🙂


    January 17th   #

  96. The end of Jan is fast approaching and I have 2 projects on standby waiting for this release. Any chance of an official update? heaven forbid I have to switch the projects over to magento. This release looks like it solves just about every problem 1.1 had and could easily become the go to platform for WP eCommerce!

    January 25th   #

  97. Well.. it’s the end of the month. Are we all going to be very surprised that 1.2 doesn’t launch at it’s tentative date again?

    January 30th   #

  98. I’m sure that quite a few of us are waiting for 1.2 but I’d rather wait for as long as it takes and know it will be well tested before implementation. I’m sure that the guys are doing the best they can.

    January 30th   #

  99. Simon, agreed. Re-visiting wordpress shopping carts again, as I create yet another client’s ecommerce site. Everything in online softward is changing & growing all the time, which makes it complex but better & better.

    You know, Shopp is up in the top few for small business cart systems at this time. When this upgrade happens, and we get a way to reliably import CSV files of products, shopp will be the go-to plugin for small & mid-size businesses — even if the price goes up a bit, it will still be an excellent value.

    February 2nd   #

  100. I was waiting … waiting … waiting … but now sorry… I am going to use another plugin form my wp shop development

    February 3rd   #

  101. Well I’m surprised – and glad – to say that we’ve chosen for another shopplugin. It takes too long, release dates doesn’t mean anything here!

    Very weak and poor way of customer handling this!

    February 6th   #

  102. Yes, 1.2 has been waylaid. The official (final) release is imminent. I would point out however that all Shopp access key owners have access to the pre-release version right now and have had access since we began the beta process. The latest pre-release available is Release Candidate 2 and is quite stable. We have been running the pre-release on for some time now. It works, it’s wonderful, and developers are gonna love it.

    If you are holding off on projects waiting for 1.2, there is no reason you cannot start developing with the pre-release right now. The documentation is up for 1.2 and we’re putting final touches on it ahead of the release. Upgrading to the final will be easy.

    No matter what we do in this circumstance we will have unhappy people. If we delay release to fix additional issues, people are mad at us for the delay. If we don’t promise a release date because we can’t predict the future, people will be upset that we do not have supernatural powers. If we announce an estimated release date and miss it, people are indignant that somehow made a promise in the estimate that we broke. If we release too soon and people run into problems, people will be really mad. If we release after many months of delays working our fingers off to make it as perfect as possible and some people still run into some issues, people will be mad at us.

    No matter what you may be upset about with this non-release-so-far, I do hope you understand we are working very hard, and very carefully. That means we cannot do it very quickly. We’ve chosen to work carefully on purpose. As a result, it does not come together as quickly as we and you would like.

    It is a no-win scenario for us. We have made a choice to concentrate on perfecting the crap out of the release (within reason). No matter how hard we work there will be a few that have problems specific to their data, or to their environmental configuration. There are too many store configurations and too many environments to make it absolutely perfect, but we’re getting as close as possibly can.

    Expect the official release this week. Pick up a Shopp access key now, and you can get started development with 1.2 right now.

    February 6th   #

  103. Would much rather have you take longer, and have a well working. stable system when its finally released! Plus, 1.1 still works great!

    February 7th   #

  104. thanks for sharing this useful information

    July 18th   #

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