Shopp 1.2 Released

The long awaited Shopp 1.2 is finally here, and is available for download and upgrades! Thanks to all who have participated in this release, amounting to nearly 1000 revisions and closing nearly 300 bug tickets.


Shopp 1.2 should be considered a major upgrade, and should not be upgraded rashly or carelessly. If you have any concerns, keep your clients on Shopp 1.1.x and stage the upgrade on a testing site first. Do your due diligence and please carefully review the following documents before planning your upgrade.

  • Upgrading to Shopp 1.2 for best practices for upgrading Shopp. We strongly recommend a full backup of your database and site files before proceeding with an upgrade!
  • Template Changes in 1.2 to help aid you in transitioning to some of the new theme content templates, and changes to existing templates that affect your theme in Shopp 1.2.


Along with Shopp 1.2, we are proud to unveil new documentation resources, with over a thousand documents for users and developers. These documentation sites will be constantly updated and curated, and we will be updating our user guide, adding useful troubleshooting knowledge-base articles, and developer API articles and examples; A wealth of information for you and your clients in available in the following sites:

What’s new in Shopp 1.2

Here a run-down on the exciting new features.

WordPress Integration

  • Migrated Shopp catalog data to use WordPress custom post types and custom taxonomies
  • Added Recent Shoppers widget that displays partial names of recent shoppers to improve shopper confidence
  • Replaced WordPress shortcode pages for core Shopp content display to use new virtual Shopp pages
  • Enhanced integration by utilizing more WordPress API functions
  • Added support for WordPress Menus to Shopp content including Shopp virtual pages and smart product collections
  • Improved permalink handling for better canonical URLs and SEO
  • Included support for custom Shopp-specific taxonomies for products
  • Support for product comments by using custom post types for products
  • Improved compatibility with WordPress post/page related plugins such as SEO plugins


  • Re-engineered the shopp() Theme API template tags to use a new, completely extensible system that allows developers full control
  • Added hundreds of new theme api calls.
  • Added nearly 400 functions for a comprehensive, protected, Developer API toolkit including new functions for adding and manipulating product assets, product and category images, product categories, tags and taxonomies, global object APIs, customers, Shopp object metadata functions, orders, products (including import features), and storefront settings.
  • New API documentation, chock full of examples.

Admin Interfaces

  • New Shopp menu uses three main menus: Shopp, Catalog & Setup
  • Added Shopp menus for the WP admin bar
  • The product manager includes several new views
  • New sales tag graphic highlights products that are on sale
  • Progressive enhancement added to nearly every component of the Shopp settings pages to ensure that settings can still be set properly with or without JavaScript

Checkout Improvements

  • Shipping and taxes will be calculated on the base of operations country when no shipping location has been provided.
  • Shopp now supports 230+ countries
  • Guest checkout is fully supported
  • Use Same shipping address or Same billing address toggle during checkout
  • Improved error messages to clarify issues and resolution options
  • Added support for click-wrap agreements using the Theme API


  • Added the ability to create new customers
  • Added the ability to custom link customers to WordPress users when using the Shopp customers integrated with WordPress users setting

Catalog Improvements

  • Improved the reliability of the image and javascript server scripts
  • Added new smart collections including:
    • Recently Viewed to show the last 25 recently viewed products
    • Also Bought using a sophisticated relationship algorithm to match products other customers have purchased
    • Promo Products collection system that builds new smart product collections for the products that each catalog promotion applies to
  • Speed optimizations including WordPress cache support and a redesigned product collection query engine for 900x faster queries and scalability up to hundreds of thousands to a million product catalog
  • Theme template support for building Shopp-specific theme template files for Shopp virtual pages and specific Shopp content pages such as product collections, categories and product pages
  • New account dashboard architecture makes it easier to add custom account pages
  • Image processing supports specifying transparent backgrounds and even automatic color averaged backgrounds

Order Management

  • Added an order event system to improve communication between Shopp and payment gateways while adding double-entry accounting transactions and logging other important order events (such as fraud review, shipments and downloads)
  • Added support for authorization-only transactions with delayed capture for proper retail order processing (when using payment systems that support it)
  • Added support for refunds and cancellations (when using payment systems that support them)
  • Added shipment notices that include tracking number status URLs

Notification Emails

  • New notification emails can be sent during every order event in the system using properly named email templates
  • Added new email templates for generic order notifications and merchant-specific order notifications
  • Added new email template processing for better email client compatibility to convert email stylesheets to inline styles and a custom plain text alternative rendering engine to automatically generate plain text alternatives to HTML email layouts


  • Added support for subscriptions to PayPal Standard
  • Refactored payment gateways to include support for the new Shopp 1.2 order event system


  • Redesigned the shipping calculators for flexible destination settings
  • Added support for fallback shipping methods that are used when a real-time shipping rate system fails
  • Added zip/postal code masking, ranges and list support to destination settings for shipping methods

Special Thanks / Credits

The following contributors, testers, bug reporters, moral supporters, support team members, alcoholic beverages went into making this a great release:

  • Marc Neuhaus
  • Tobias Schutter
  • Albert Boddema
  • Yvonne van de Kasteele
  • Amnon Levav
  • Andrew Patton
  • “apocalip”
  • Ben Hutchings
  • Brandon Dove
  • Jeffrey Zinn
  • Clifton Griffin
  • Ma’moun Diraneyya
  • Marc Neuhaus
  • Ptah Dunbar
  • Taylor Dewey
  • Ulysses Angulo
  • Kate Broughton
  • Chris Runnells
  • Steven Madsen
  • Mark Branly
  • Alan Sherwood
  • Hiranthi Molhoek-Herlaar
  • Lorenzo Caum
  • Clifton Griffin
  • Barry Hughes
  • Jeff Kemp
  • Chris Runnells
  • Umar Saeed
  • Adam Sewell
  • Vi Wickam
  • Aaron Campbell
  • Troy Arnold
  • Amy Davis
  • John Dillick + Ritalin = hundreds of api docs and code
  • Dave Kress, because todave’s the dave, dave.
  • The Glenlivet 12 year
  • Last but not least our fearless leader, tireless work-horse, and Shopp insomniac, Jonathan Davis
  • many many countless others that we couldn’t name
  1. I’m a bit confused, I’ve been waiting for this update since it was announced last year. The biggest reason was switching to wordpress custom post types and solid integration with plugins / wordpress core functionality. I’m looking at the product editor and catalog editor and i’m not seeing any integration with my plugins, or even wordpress functionality. Where is my yoast wordpress seo box on the product editor? where are my custom fields? I have no “screen options” so basically, I have no more control over my product / category pages than I did in 1.1?

    “Improved compatibility with WordPress post/page related plugins such as SEO plugins”

    I want to use creative page titles for my products, change the url, add unique description and meta data, change canonical settings all on a per product / per category basis? why can’t I do that? man what a huge disapointment, I sure hope I’m just missing a tickbox to have that stuff show up or something.

    February 7th   #

  2. [Wow, rough 1st post I feel for you shopp devs!]

    Fantastic achievement guys, I’m really looking forward to delving into the features of this substantial release.


    February 7th   #

  3. Strange, it only seems to be with Yoast seo for wordpress – all in one seo and others all add the functionality to the product editor (but not category editor) I jumped the gun

    feel free to delete my first post, I couldn’t understand switching to CPT and not having these fields show up on the product editor. my bad! now yea, this is epic. good job devs!

    February 7th   #

  4. congratulations on 1.2!! looking foreward to see what it can do.

    if i try to update i get Download failed. Unauthorized. anything i’m doing wrong?

    February 7th   #

  5. Congrats!

    February 7th   #

  6. Same as Joris…

    if i try to update i get Download failed. Unauthorized.

    My PlugIn key os active… HELP??!??!

    February 7th   #

  7. Humm, just upgraded and it blew out all my shopp pages. going through notes right now. Not a happy camper tight now….

    Am I missing anything here?

    February 7th   #

  8. If you’re getting the “Download failed. Unauthorized.” try deactivating your key and reactivating it. Seems to resolve it for some as a quick workaround.

    February 7th   #

  9. @Simon, it’s trickier and more involved than just “implementing CPTs”.

    We’ve got a lot of code wrapped around the product editor that we didn’t have time to gut and start over with using the built-in CPT editor. In making the move to CPTs we wanted to focus on the data migration first and get that as perfect as possible. That means right now Shopp still uses the completely custom product editor. Most plugins that are written with CPTs in mind are expecting CPT-development to use the CPT editor from WordPress. Since we’re not there yet, some of their management UI will not automatically show up in Shopp.

    We’ll try and work with some of the plugin devs to see if they will work with us to add support for the Shopp editor in the meantime or find another solution that will get 1.2 there all the way with most plugins. We didn’t promise our CPT move was a definitive solution providing 100% compatibility with all plugins. It is an “improvement”. That was a deliberate word choice on our part. I’m sorry it mislead your expectations.

    We do plan to get there, and we’ll get there pretty quickly now that the data migration process is working.

    February 7th   #

  10. This totally blew up my site.

    February 8th   #

  11. Too late for me. I wish you guys all the luck as you were there when I needed you years ago, but I’ve been seeing other shopping carts and they are getting all the future love.

    February 8th   #

  12. workaround for Download failed. Unauthorized

    manually download shop, deactivate shop, replace the old files with new files, activate shop.

    now you will run into some small minor problems>> probably your menu>shopp will be gone! it looks like there is no need for a “shopp”page with [catalog] in it. just create a new page called shop and your shop is back.

    bring your template back>> enable theme templates in PRESENTATION tab.

    on your server in your template folder rename the template you used for your shop to shopp.php (dont put it in the shopp subfolder but just between the rest of your templates)

    maybe some other small things like create a tax rule etc.

    i’m no shopp expert so please backup.

    February 8th   #

  13. Congratulations on this long-awaited release.

    February 8th   #

  14. Well done Shopp devs! It’s looking good. Thanks again for all your hard work.

    February 8th   #

  15. Good job keep it coming. Cheers.

    February 9th   #

  16. Where has shopp( ‘product’, ‘description’ ) gone? It isn’t in the new documentation so I assume it’s been axed, however, I can’t find an equivalent?

    February 10th   #

  17. To clarify my previous post, shopp( ‘product’, ‘description’ ) works as always inside the product template, but not the category template. Has anything changed here?

    February 10th   #

  18. Fantastic! Incredible amount of work done here — and the documentation looks to be some of the best I’ve seen anywhere!

    Silly question: if I download from my account, do I get 1.2 or 1.9.1? Do I need to select the 1.2 beta link to get 1.2?


    February 10th   #

  19. Silly question answered — downloaded current version and looked at Shopp.php — it’s the 1.2 release.

    February 10th   #

  20. Congratulations guys, I can only imagine all the work that went into this upgrade. I really appreciate knowing that you guys are continuing work on our store interfaces and I hope you feel the appreciation.

    February 13th   #

  21. Great work! Cant wait to upgrade!

    February 13th   #

  22. Congratulations on 1.2. I feel like everything is so organised now as the use of content and theme templates makes it much easier to control what is happening on the cart pages.

    It took pretty much a full day for me to upgrade from 1.1 due to some necessary template tweaking to get everything working but it was all worth it.

    Fantastic plugin. The best (and only) e-commerce plugin i’ve come across that meets my needs.

    February 17th   #

  23. Is there a demo for version 1.2 ?

    February 25th   #

  24. What is the thought process for virtual pages for the cart/catalog/checkout? I used to be able to customize title and metas as well as use a different page template for different sections. Now I only have control over the main content area, and I have no title and meta support.

    What are the main advantages of virtual pages?

    February 25th   #

  25. Hey let me add to all the wonderful posts from all the lovely people out there, “I hate you guys – what a bunch of losers and your product sucks!”

    I just upgraded from and I’m loving it. Thanks for all the hard work guys – I really appreciate not having to develop stuff like this myself. You make it easy doing ecommerce development work!

    March 2nd   #

  26. Congrats guys! It’s been a long time coming!

    March 5th   #

  27. Hi,

    Does it allow integration with Google Merchant Center? So google can take a feed from my shopp products?


    March 13th   #

  28. Well done Shopp Team! Still waiting for full CPT support to purchase your plugin; hopefully it will arrive before my the beginning of my eCommerce project 🙂

    March 28th   #

  29. Still no bulk product import feature though: this is deal-breaker when you have 5000+ to enter with 2 or 3 variations each.

    Does anyone know if the bulk imports plugin will be updated to work with v1.2?

    June 27th   #

  30. There is an update available on our community forums. We are working to get this version replaced soon with the updated plugin (and give the new author some major props).

    June 27th   #

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